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Iso 1963


Rivolta IR 300 wb: 2700 mm V8 cyl. 90°
5350 cm³
   300 cv (SAE)   
Rivolta IR 340 wb: 2700 mm V8 cyl. 90°
5350 cm³
   340 cv (SAE)   
Grifo A3/L wb: 2500 mm V8 cyl. 90°
5350 cm³
   410 cv (SAE)   
– prototype – Turin




Prototyp Grifo został zaprezentowany na salonie w Turynie. Poza skróceniem o 198 mm rozstawu osi, podwozie nie różni się od znanego z Rivolty. Autorem pięknego nadwozia o agresywnej linii ponownie jest Bertone. A3/C jest wyczynową wersją Grifo.

The new Iso A3/L Grifo is in quite a different category, for this could really find a place among the buyers of cars like Maserati and Ferrari. With the 410 b.h.p. (optional) version of the Chevrolet Corvette engine, in conjunction with a claimed dry weight of 25 cwt and a seemingly wind-cheating body shape, it should manage something over 170 m.p.h.
A last-minute surprise arrival was a raw competition version of Bertone's low-built Iso A2L and termed the Iso A3C. It has been a powerful draw to the Iso Rivolta stand; the unpainted aluminium body is flecked with undisguised rivetting-some 9,000 have been used to form a monocque structure with the tubular frame-and the 5.4-litre Chevrolet engine has been tuned to give 410 b.h.p. gross. Engineer Bizzarini has also been mainly responsible for this car. Suspension details are similar to those of the normal ISO, including a de Dion rear axle located by longitudinal arms and a transverse Watts linkage.

(Turin report)








A3L Grifo

A3L at Turin Motor Show.

A3C at Turin Motor Show