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Invicta 1930

4½-Litre NLC-Type   - discontinued (since '29)
4½-Litre A-Type 6 cyl. ohv, 4467 cc, 100 bhp (Meadows) - new model

Great Britain

Invicta 4½-Litre Standard Model has a 100-bhp 29.1 HP six-cylinder OHV engine of 4467-cc cubic capacity (88.5 x 120.6 mm) with twin SU carburettors. Wheelbase is 10 ft 6 in. The Rudge-Whitworth wire wheels have 31 x 6 tyres. Standard chassis sold at £680, with saloon bodywork £795. Invicta Cars have their works at The Fairmile, Cobham, Surrey.
Invicta 4½-Litre Sports Model is basically similar to the Standard Model, modified mainly in respect of height. The chassis is upswept at the front and underslung at the rear, with a wheelbase of 9 ft 10 in. Radiator and dashboard are modified to suit. Other modifications include different springs, gear ratios, etc. Both cars were announced in late 1930, for the 1931 model year.

4,5 litre

Motor Sport; Sports Models for 1931 October 1930
An entirely new sports model has been added to the Invicta programme. This has a 4½-litre engine similar to the standard type. The car is of exceptionally low build, the highest point of the body being but 3ft. 3ins. from the ground. The chassis frame is upswept in front, and underslung at the rear, and the whole is heavily cross-braced. A 4-seater "Le Mans" type body is fitted, and a large square-shaped tank of 18-gallons capacity is placed at the rear. An example of this new car will be at the forthcoming Show.