Humber 1931

16/50 HP
Snipe 80

Great Britain

Humber Snipe engine is 23.8 HP 3498-5-cc (80 x 116 mm) Six, wheelbase 10 ft (Tourer) and 11 ft (Pullman).
In addition to the Snipe and Pullman models Humber offer the 16/50 which is similar to the Snipe but have a 15.7 HP 2110-cc (65 x 106 mm) engine like the Hillman Wizard. Tyre size is 6.00-20 for the Pullman, 5.50-19 for the 16/50 and Snipe.







Snipe Sports Saloon

Humber Snipe Saloon demonstrating its off-road capabilities on Army grounds near Aldershot.