Hudson 1932

Great Eight (8 cyl, 4166 cm³, 101 KM) - nowy model


Standard Series T (8 cyl., 254.4, 101 h.p.; wb: 119 in.)
  Business Coupe
  Rumble Seat Coupe
  Sedan Standard
  Standard Sedan
  Special Coupe
Sterling Series U (8 cyl., 254.4, 101 h.p.; wb: 126 in.)
  Special Sedan
Major Series L (8 cyl., 254.4, 101 h.p.; wb: 132 in.)
  Touring Sedan
  Club Sedan

Eight Major Series Brougham

Eight Sedan

Eight Sedan


Eight Sterling Series Special Sedan

Eight Roadster

Hudson Special. Six of these vehicles were built for the Japanese Government for military use in Manchuria. Only the rearmost wheels were driven. The spares were idler/support wheels.