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Hispano Suiza 1934 


H6C (6 cyl, 7983 cc, 160 hp) – discontinued,
HS26 (4581cc) – discontinued,
J12 (68) (12 cyl, 9,425 cc, 220 hp)
K6 (6 cyl, 5184 cc, 120 hp) – October

Hispano Suiza


The production of the famous H6 chassis was discontinued this year. 2350 examples of all H6 were built since its introduction in 1919.

The HS26 Junior was also discontinued. 124 examples were made. Even before the last HS26 rolled off the production line, Hispano Suiza founder Marc Birkirgt introduced a replacement. Identical in design to that of the J12, the K6 chassis use a conventional ladder frame, suspended by live axles with semi-elliptic leaf springs at the front and rear. Just like its bigger brother the new six cylinder engined machine is available with a 342 cm and 372 cm wheelbase. Hydraulic drums and a very precise steering box ensure the ride is up to Hispano's standards. The new six cylinder power plant seem a step back with their push-rod operated valves but with no chains or gears needed to drive the overhead camshaft, the new engine produce considerably less noise. The loss of power is compensated by increased displacement of just under 5.2 litre, it produce a commendable 120 bhp. Like all Hispanos built in France, the K6 is fitted with a three-speed gearbox. As usual, it is offered as a rolling chassis only, so the customers could have it fitted with a coachwork of choice.
The new Hispano Suiza K6 was introduced at the Paris Auto Salon in October of 1934. In Barcelona this new model appeared in 1932 as T-60.

Hispano Suiza

J12 built for the King Carol of Roumanie.

Hispano Suiza

54CV V12 by Binder

K6 Cabriolet

K6 Cabriolet by Fernandez

K6 Berline by Vanvooren

K6 Coach by Chapron