Hispano Suiza 1930


T-41 (H6B with cast iron engine)
T-56 (H6C with cast Iron engine)
T-64 (4581 cc)
T-49 (4581 cc)

T-64 Torpedo


In 1920's Birkigt created two new models for the Spanish market. The T-49 was a H-6 with the cast iron engine reduced to 3.75 liters and the T-48 was a more economical car with four-cylinder 2.5 liter. Both had cast iron blocks. The T-49 was sold to the public and exported, mostly to England while the T-48 was almost exclusively reserved for government services that require a guarantee of good service to 500,000 km.

The T-49 was also built in France as I-6 introduced at the Paris Salon in October 1924 but only a few copies were sold.

The T-41 and the T-56 are the equivalent of the French H6 models.