Hispano Suiza 1930


H6B (6 cyl., 6.6l, 135 hp)
H6C (6 cyl, 7983 cc, 160 hp) – built from 1924 (H6 from 1919)
Ballot-Hispano HS26 (4581cc) – October – Paris

Hispano Suiza


One of the most notable features of the H6 is its brakes. They are light-alloy drums on all four wheels with power-assist, driven with a special shaft from the transmission. When the car is decelerating, its own momentum drive the brake servo to provide additional power.

Hispano Suiza survived the depression years remarkably well thanks to the production of the famous airplane engines. They purchased French Ballot company in 1930. The first child of this marriage is the Ballot-Hispano HS26 first shown in October at the Paris Motor Show. This new model combine modified eight-cylinder Ballot HR 3 chassis and Hispano six cylinder engine from Spain built T64.

Hispano Suiza

Two-passenger Convertible by Million-Guiet

32 CV ('29)

Hispano Suiza by Galle

Coupé by Million-Guiet

Ballot-Hispano HS26

HS26 engine

Hispano Suiza 'Boulogne'