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Hillman 1960

Minx Series IIIA - discontinued
Minx Series IIIB - new model in October
Husky Series I - discontinued
Husky Series II - March

Great Britain

October '59

Stoisko Hillmana na Salonie Samochodowym w Londynie

Husky series II zaprezentowany w marcu ma większą szybę przednią i inny kształt dachu.
Minx dostępny jest z automatyczną skrzynią biegów Easidrive (dopłata 124 funty). Dzięki modernizacji silnika (nowy gaźnik i kolektory), jego moc wzrosła do 56,5 KM. Nadwozie otrzymało nowy wystrój przedniej części, cieńsze słupki drzwiowe, większą o 21 % szybę przednią i modne, poziome stateczniki z tyłu. Do wyboru jest sześć podstawowych kolorów i sześć kombinacji lakierowania dwubarwnego 'two-tone' wymagających dopłaty 14 funtów.
Wersji IIIa powstało 78052 szt.
W październiku wprowadzono serię III b. Zmiany były bardzo niewielkie. Atrapa przednią wykonywano z odpornego na korozję aluminium, zmieniono tylny most a wersja Special nazywa się teraz Saloon Standard.

Minx De Luxe Saloon £764 14s 2d, including tax
Minx Special Saloon £722 4s 2d
Minx Convertible £872 7s 6d
Minx Estate £858 4s 2d

Hillman Husky Estate Car Series II was introduced in March 1960 with a number of modifications including vertical bar grille styling, a larger windscreen and rear window, lower roof line with overhang and a close-ratio gearbox. Powered by a four-cylinder, 1390-cc, ohv engine which develop 51 bhp at 4400 rpm, this sturdy little utility vehicle was also given a hypoid rear axle, in place of the spiral bevel unit, in the summer of 1960.
Hillman Minx Series IIIA (Saloon Special and De Luxe, Convertible and Estate Car versions offered) became available in September 1959 and differs from its predecessor (Series III) as a result of modifications which includes five horizontal bars located in centre divide mesh grilles, rectangular side lamp units, a close-ratio gearbox, bigger and more powerful brakes (except the Special), small curved tail fins and a floor mounted gearchange as standard. Easidrive automatic transmission is also available as an option. The four-cylinder, 1494-cc, ohv power unit develop 50.2 bhp.
The main difference in the Series IIIB is the use of a hypoid bevel rear axle.



Series IIIA / IIIB (4 cyl, 1494 cc, 53 bhp; wb: 8' 0'')
 De Luxe Saloon
 Special Saloon (IIIB Standard Saloon)

Minx series IIIa

Minx series IIIb

Minx series IIIa convertible - May advert

Minx series IIIb convertible at the London Motor Show.

Presenting—a brillliant New Hillman Minx . . . livelier, lovelier than ever . . . a proud successor to an illustrious line.
Progressively developed over the years, consistently outstanding in its class—Hillman leads again with the fïnest motoring value today. Up-to-date technical advancements give greater power and performance, more vivid acceleration coupled with more economy. Yes, all these sparkling features plus Hillman reliability, long proved on the roads of the world.
Restyled to an ultra smart formula, exterior elegance has been enhanced by a distinctive new radiator grille and side flashes. At the rear a new design treatment adds emphasis to the sleek smooth flowing body lines while other improvements include a deeper wider windscreen and an impressive chrome colour break moulding.
No less appealing is the ideally planned interior. Richly upholstered seating positions you for perfect driving comfort, with ample headroom and legroom.
Experience this New Hillman Minx yourself. Feel its vivid acceleration— its boundless energy and the supreme travel pleasure assured by the well-proved suspension. To match this marked step-up in performance, the de Luxe models are fitted with larger brakes to give smoother, safer stopping power.
Only from the fine traditions of Hillman could there come a car of such beauty and elegance of design, so enjoyable to drive and so very practical to posses.

Elegant styling and smart, tastefully blended colour schemes distinguish each of these exciting New Hillman models. You'll find more comfort . . . more all-round visibility . . . more sparkling performance . . . more safety. Yet all this is yours with greater economy in a range which so admirably reflecis Hillman precision engineering and craftsmanship. Driving is smooth under all road conditions; the car quietly obedient, quick to respond and remarkably easy to handle. Step inside—and instantly you will be attracted by the smart interior trim . . . impressed with the skilfull, coomon-sense planning which achieves such spaciousness from comparatively modest dimensions. From all viewpoints you will admire the keen, thoughtful attention to detail by stylist and caftsman the inherent skill applied throughout to make this a masterpiece of modern, family car design.


Husky Series I

Series I (1390 cc, 47 bhp; wb: 7' 0'') - end


Husky Series II

Series II (1390 cc, 47 bhp; wb: 7' 0'') - new