Healey 1950

Elliot 2.4 litre Saloon - ost. rok, powst. 101 egz.
Westland 2.4 litre Roadster - ost. rok, powst. 64 egz.
Duncan - ost. rok, powst. 39 egz.
Sportsmobile 2.4 litre - ost. rok, powst. 23 egz.
Silverstone - ost. rok, powst.105 egz.
Tickford 2.4 litre Saloon - nowy model
Abbott 2.4 litre Drophead Coupé - nowy model (R4, 2443 cm³, 100 KM) 

Healey Silverstone was introduced in July 1949. The open two-seater has a lightweight stressed-skin alloy sports body mounted on a D-type chassis (E-type chassis from April 1950) and is powered by a 2.5-litre Riley engine. The windscreen can be retracted into the scuttle when in the racing position, instead of being folded flat; the spare wheel 'doubles' as a rear bumper and the wings are removable for competition work. Only 105 were built.


Tickford saloon, launched in 1950 as Elliot replacement, is still powered by 2443cc Riley engine, but now with 105 bhp. Chassis is unchanged but now has Girling brakes. Body is restyled, though similar to previous model, with better interior, better boot access, and front and rear bumpers. Additional weight forced lower gearing to maintain performance. Top speed 102 mph. Abbott was drop head Coupé replacement for Westland and Sportsmobile.

Dla amerykańskiego Nash-a skonstruowano model Nash-Healey, wykorzystując podwozie Healeya, układ napędowy Nasha i nadwozie firmy Panelcraft z Birmingham. Nowe modele Abbot i Tickford napędzane są silnikami Rileya.


Healey Abbott



Nash Healey at Earls Court