Healey 1948

Great Britain

Elliot 2.4 litre Saloon
Westland 2.4 litre Roadster
Sportsmobile 2.4 litre - nowy model, Duncan ? 


Healey Sportsmobile (Wspaniałe 258)


Sportsmobile is much less elegant slab sided drop head Coupé, with 105 bhp Riley engine giving 110 mph top speed.

  Targa Florio entries: (03-04.04.1948)
#76 Elliot Lurani / Serafini 13th
#653 Di Belmonte / Chiodelli ret.

Healey Elliot-Riley (G.Lurani - D.Serafini) at Targa Florio. 2nd in turismo category and 1st in over 1500 cc class.