Gordini 1954


With this Gordini 2 ½-litre six-cylinder sports model Pollet and Gauthier won the recent Tour of France, a 6,000-kilometre high-speed rally-cum-race. The Gordini stand at the Paris Salon featured this same car, somewhat cleaned up since this photograph was taken in the Parc Ferme at Nice at the end of the rally. If put into small-scale production this model would have a ready sale among the sporting public.


Tucked away against the wall was the Gordini stand and, it was an enthusiast's delight, being purely functional. Two cars were exhibited, the 2 ½-litre six-cylinder sports car that Pollet and Gauthier used to win the recent Tour of France and alongside stood Gordini's latest Formula I car. At the time of writing this single-seater had not been run but it looks promising for the future if Gordini can find any drivers and continue to raise sufficient money to go on racing. In general principles the 1955 single-seater is like the well-known cars he has been using this season but the whole build has been lowered considerably. The engine is now fitted with a new type of cylinder head having two overhead camshafts operating directly on the ends of the valves instead of through short rockers as in the past, while the five-speed gearbox has been redesigned so that the fifth speed is an extra one at the top of the range rather than a low bottom gear as this year's cars have had. The rear suspension arms are now welded box-members in place of the old type of forging, and look as though they will position the rear axle in a more substantial manner. Disc brakes are fitted on all four wheels and are unusual in having braking pads placed diametrically opposite instead of having them grouped at one point on the main disc. As Gordini does not seem very inclined to sell any of his cars, his stand at the Paris Motor Show seems rather pointless, but at least it gives the racing enthusiast an opportunity to inspect the cars at close quarters instead of from the wrong side of the fence.
(Paris report)