Ghia 1956


Chrysler A 498
Ferrari Superamerica
Chrysler Dart
Chrysler Norseman 

Bugatti z nadwoziem Ghia

Chrysler Norseman

Nibbio II at Turin Motor Show.

Aston Martin at Turin Show

Aston Martin

1956 saw another young designer, Sergio Sartorelli, join the design team at Ghia, working alongside more established names such as Coggiola. When Savonuzzi left a year later to take up a position at Chrysler in the US the main position again fell vacant. This time Ghia bought Frua and Pietro Frua got the job. Both companies (Frua was used as a trademark by Ghia) moved into a new premesis, but the relationship did not last long as Pietro Frua resigned very shortly afterwards. It was a bitter split which ended in court.

The centrepiece of last year's show was a full-scale wooden mock-up of a futuristic body by Ghia, called the Dart and subsequently purchased by Ford for their American museum. A peculiar twist of American automobile politics is indicated by Ghia's display this year of a genuine version for the Chrysler Corporation on their current chassis. It is difficult to accept this as a serious production undertaking and it will probably become an addition to the collection of U.S.A, dream cars. The body panelling, with the exception of the excessive tail fins, would not be a difficult production problem, but the overall length would make it a handful in traffic, even by American standards. (Turin report)

Chrysler 300-K zbudowany dla szacha Iranu.

WORKERS at the Ghia car body factory in Turin put the finishing touches to a luxury Chrysler, ordered by the Shah of Persia. Among the car's special equipment are a radio telephone, refrigerator, long-playing gramophone, and air conditioning. (Tne Autocar, April'56)

Chrysler Dart

Dart at Turin Motor Show

Chrysler 498

Dodge na salonie w Genewie.