Classic Car Catalogue

GAZ (ГАЗ) 1976

24 Wołga
13 Czajka
3101 Wołga - premiera
14 Czajka - premiera


The first prototypes of the new GAZ 3101 Volga feature a completely new interior, with headrests on all seats, a new polyurethane coated dashboard, integrated instrument panel and steering column controls for windscreen wipers/washers and indicator/high beam lights. The vehicle is equipped with a vacuum servo assisted double-contoured braking system, with front disc brakes and radial tyres. Two power units are considered. The GAZ-24-14 2990 cc V6 with a cast iron cylinder block originally developed for the GAZ-24 or alternatively the GAZ-24-18 which is identical to the GAZ 24-14 but with an aluminium block. Both engines produce 136 hp, but the latter is much lighter in weight. The prototypes also feature automatic transmission, power steering, electric windows and air conditioning.
The luxury GAZ 14 has a V8 5,5 litre 220 hp engine with two carburettors, electronic ignition system and hydraulic tappets and an automatic, three-speed gearbox giving this heavy vehicle a top speed of 175 km/h (109 mph). The brakes are servo-assisted with discs at the front. The equipment includes electric windows, air conditioning, stereo with tape player and automatic aerial, fog lights front and back, headlight wipers etc.


24 Wołga



13 Czajka



3101 Wołga

(V6 cyl, 2990 cm³, 135 KM) - prototype


14 Czajka

(V8 cyl, 5500 cm³, 220 KM)