Frisky 1958

Great Britain




Judged as impractical for production, the Frisky was once again restyled with open bodywork and conventional doors.

The 249cc Villiers engine runs backwards for reverse, like the Messerschmitt, and the front suspension is Dubonnet-type independent. A 324cc Villiers engine is optional. Sold both as a Coupé and a convertible the Frisky sport is able to touch 65 mph. The name seems appropriate for its lively performance and delightful styling.

Frisky Sport Convertible is a very small rear-engined four-wheeled two-seater, built by Henry Meadows (Vehicles) Ltd of Wolverhampton. It features a Michelotti styled body with a detachable tail-and a Villiers air-cooled 342-cc 16.5-bhp engine. A closed version is also made. In October a sports roadster was announced-the Frisky Sprint-but this model did not reach the production stage.




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