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Frazer Nash 1954

Great Britain

Targa Florio (R6, 1971 cm) - ost rok. Od 1952 roku zbudowano 14 egzemplarzy tego modelu.
Fixed Head Coupé (R6, 1971 cm)
Sebring (R6, 1971 cm) - nowy model. Powstały tylko 3 sztuki z 2 drzwiowymi, 2 miejscowymi nadwoziami typu Sports. 

Frazer-Nash factory at Isleworth, with the latest Targa Florio model Frazer-Nash in the foreground.

Frazer-Nash Sebring Sports. Developed from the Mark II Competition model, this model is powered by the 2-litre Bristol engine and has a light alloy all-enveloping body. It took its name from the 12-hour endurance race at Sebring, USA, which had been won by Frazer-Nash in 1952. At the wheel in the version shown is W. H. Aldington who, together with his brother, took over control of production of the chain-drive Frazer-Nash in the late "twenties".


Sebring of 1954 took over from the Le Mans rep as a road / competition car. Chassis and mechanics follow the old recipe De Dion rear end, 1971cc Bristol engine, and centre lock wire wheels. Full width sports body similar to Fast Tourer but with new shape grille with horizontal bars. Fixed head Coupé, originally designed for Le Mans, has full width body with straight through wing line, and grille design as on Sebring. Bristol engine in 100 or 140 bhp spec. Total of 14 built.


F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
1000 km Buenos Aires 24.01.1954 (round 1)   Results:    
#       Entrant: gen. class    
44 Le Mans Replica   Kulok / Grey Geo. B. McClellan fail. S2.0 -    
Mille Miglia 1-2.05.1954 (round 3)   Results:    
#   chassis #   Entrant: gen. class    
454 Le Mans Coupe 421/200/199 Nottorp / Bratt   53rd S2.0 10th    
  24h Le Mans 13.06.1954 (round 4) Entrant: Results: Perf.
          gen. class
#36 Le Mans   Becquart / Gatsonides Frazer-Nash Ltd 11th 1.5-2.0 4th 16th
#37 Le Mans   Peacock / Ruddock Frazer-Nash Ltd acc. - - -  
#38 Le Mans   Nottorp / Anderson Frazer-Nash Ltd dsq - - -  
Tourist Trophy 11.09.1954 (round 5)   Results:    
#         gen. class    
32 Le Mans Replica Mk II 421/200/176 Odlum / Vard Frazer Nash Ltd. 12th S2.0 4th    
33     Odlum / Vard Frazer Nash Ltd. dna S2.0 -    
34 Sebring 421/200/201 Wilson / Brooks Moore dnf S2.0 -    


Le Mans