Frazer Nash 1953

Great Britain

Targa Florio (R6, 1971 cm)
Le Mans Replica (R6, 1971 cm) - ost rok. Od 1948 roku powstały 34 sztuki. To jeden z najliczniej produkowanych modeli firmy.
Fixed Head Coupé (R6, 1971 cm) - nowy model, 2 dr, 2 miejsc. Coupé z silnikiem Bristol S6. 

Targa Florio

To jest chyba FHC


Frazer-Nash Targa Florio Turismo is a high-speed touring car with entirely new full-width body styling. The windscreen is similar to that of the Mille Miglia model. Named after the famous race because a Frazer-Nash, in 1951 , became the first British car to win this event. Also available to full competition specification-Gran Sport-including bucket seats and more powerful engine.




World Sportscar Championship entries:
Sebring 12 Hours 08.03.1953 Entrant: Results:
# gen. class
1 Le Mans Replica Mk II Bonadies / Rice Donaldson ret. S2.0 -
7 Mille Miglia Grier / Dreyfus Grier dns S2.0 -
9 Le Mans Replica Rogers / Klar Donaldson ret. S2.0 -
50 Mille Miglia Smyth / Said Kolaczkowski 14th S2.0 2nd
58 Targa Florio Bennett / Moran Cunningham dnf S2.0 -
  24h Le Mans 13.06.1953 Entrant: Results: Perf.
# gen. class
39 Le Mans Coupé Wharton / Mitchell Frazer-Nash 13th 1.5-2.0 1st 20th
40 Le Mans Replica Gerard / Clark Frazer-Nash dnf - -
1000km Nürgurgring 30.08.1953 Entrant: Results:
# gen. class
67 Le Mans Replica Currie / Beauman M.L. Currie 11th PS2.0 1st
Tourist Trophy 05.09.1953 Entrant: Results:
# gen. class
25 Le Mans Replica Mk II Wharton / Robb Frazer Nash 3rd S2.0 1st
26 Le Mans Replica Mk II Fitch / Wilson Frazer Nash ret. S2.0 -
27 Le Mans Replica Gerard / Clarke Frazer Nash 7th S2.0
28 Le Mans Replica Peacock / Ruddock R.Peacock 11th S2.0 3rd
29 Le Mans Replica Walton / Bolton J.H.Walton dna S2.0 -
30 High Speed Mitchell / Scott-Russell L.Mitchell acc. S2.0 -
31 Le Mans Replica Mayers / Keen S.G.Greene dna S2.0 -
Other races:
  Targa Florio 14.05.1953 Results:
# gen.
58 Le Mans Cortese ret. -
3rd Tourist Trophy #25 Le Mans Wharton/Robb


Le Mans.



Le Mans.