Frazer Nash 1952

Fast Tourer / Mille Miglia (R6, 1971 cm³) – ost rok. Od 1948 roku powstało 12 egzemplarzy.
Le Mans Replica (R6, 1971 cm³)
Targa Florio (R6, 1971 cm³) – nowy model

Targa Florio


Jak wszystkie powojenne modele, Targa Florio napędzany jest silnikiem Bristol S6.

Celebrating a win in the Targa Florio, the new model for 1952 gets twin tube chassis as fitted to Le Mans rep and retains transverse leaf spring ifs, torsion bar rear suspension as before, but with rack and pinion steering. Full width alloy body work with straight through wing line, and disc wheels or centre lock wires. Bristol engine comes in 100bhp "Turismo" or 140 bhp "Gran Sport" tune.
Le Mans Replica MkII from 1952 has twin tube chassis frame, De Dion rear axle, lower body, and 132 bhp.



24h Le Mans 14.06.1952 Entrant: Results:
gen. class perf.ind.
#41 Mile Miglia Stoop / Wilson ret. - -
#42 Le Mans Peacock / Ruddock 10th 3rd - 1501-2000 14th

  Targa Florio 29.06.1952 Results:
#4 Le Mans O'Brien dns - -
#84 Le Mans Cortese ret. - -
1st 12h Sebring Grey/Kulok

Le Mans (Franco Cortese) at Targa Florio


Tony Crook za kierownicą Frazera.

Mille Miglia (Dickie Stoop / Peter S. Wilson) at Le Mans.


Le Mans Replica (Rodney Peacock / Gerry A. Ruddock) at Le Mans.