Frazer Nash 1949

Fast Tourer / Mille Miglia (R6, 1971 cm)
Le Mans Replica (R6, 1971 cm)

Frazer-Nash "Mille Miglia" model is one of four sports car bodies offered on the famous B.M.W. based chassis. Large fuel capacity and ease of service are features. Other models are sleek cabriolet, a competition special, and the cycle-fendered "Le Mans Replica."

Frazer-Nash Cabriolet was introduced in September 1949. Powered by the Bristol 1971 -cc engine used in similar form on the competition Frazer-Nashes-this luxury tourer has a greater wheelbase and track than the competition models but, nevertheless, has a very low overall height. It features an ingenious windscreen, which folds down onto the scuttle, and two-folding emergency seats inside.

The 1948 "Competition" model was re-named after third place in 1949 Le Mans 24 hr race. Here from Geveva review.

Jadąca Frazerem załoga Culpan/Wilson (Aldington ?) zajęła 3 miejsce w wyścigu Le Mans.

Frazer Nash w Le Mans