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Ford 1967

Anglia - ost. rok
Cortina / Cortina Lotus
Escort - premiera we wrześniu.
Commuta - prototyp

Great Britain

The English Ford are the second-largest carmaker in th country, building 600,000 passenger cars and commercial vehicles each year. The smallest model of their extensive range is the offered since 1959 Ford Anglia with 1.0 or 1.2 liter engine. The best-selling type, however, is the Cortina, of which around 243,000 were produced in 1966. A more upmarket model is the Ford Corsair with a V4 engine. V6 engines are used in the top-of-the-range, large models Zephyr and Zodiac.
Ford Anglia 105E Torino was introduced by the Italian arm of Ford in 1965 with the outer body designed by Michelotti and built by Officina Stampaggi Industriala (O.S.I). The car was also sold in the Benelux. The number of Ford Anglia 105E Torino's built is unknown, but approximately 10,007 were sold in Italy.
Cross flow Cortina 1300 and 1600 engines from 1967 when 1500 is dropped, and Super gets remote gear change as in GT. 1600E launched in 1967 with lowered suspension, Rostyle wheels, GT engine spec, fog lamps, matt black grille better interior, wood veneer dash extra instruments.
Lotus Cortina MkII from 1967, gets new body style, but not much changes except more power, 109 bhp, from twin cam engine, and top speed 107 mph. Limited slip diff and oil cooler optional. No Lotus badges after first few, replaced by "Twin Cam" badges.
Corsair GT version with 88 bhp and 95 mph top speed, superseded by 2000E in January with 102 bhp, and 100 mph top speed. GT was however still available on various markets.
New grille on Zephyr and power steering on Zodiac. Trim enhancement on both models.
Launched in September the all new Escort is engeneered in conjuction with Ford-Germany and will be assembled at Halewood and at Genk in Belgium.
Korean company Hyundai bought a licence for Cortina. Skonstruowany w Wielkiej Brytanii Escort będzie wytwarzany także w fabryce w Belgii i sprzedawany w całej Europie. Skrzynia biegów pochodzi z Niemiec.
Koreański Hyundai zakupił licencję na Cortinę.


Anglia (R4, 997cc, 39bhp) - discontinued
Anglia Super (R4, 1198cc, 48.5bhp) - discontinued
  Estate Car
Anglia Torino by OSI - discontinued

Best sellers don't sell best without a reason, and the thick-on-the-ground Anglia's worldwide popularity is well earned. Again no change this year. Adherence to a front engine, rear-wheel drive and a live back axle is proof that the great mass of car buyers don't necessarily demand far-out design so long as you give them all-round serviceability of the highest order, plus running economy. Wide permutations on the basic theme are rung-standard and de luxe saloons, ditto estate cars, choice of 1-litre or 1200 c.c. engines.
Saloon: from £535 (incl. P.T.)
Estate: from £608 (incl. P.T.)

(London report '67)

Anglia Super

Anglia Estate

Anglia Sportsman by Ford of Belgium

Anglia Torino by Ford of Italy


(4 cyl, 1297 cc, 54 bhp) - discontinued
(4 cyl, 1498 cc,) - discontinued
(4 cyl, 1.3 l) - October
(4 cyl, 1.6 l) - October
  Saloon 2-door
  Saloon 4-door
  Estate Car
1600E (4 cyl, 1599 cc, 88 bhp) - new model
  Saloon 4-door
Cortina Lotus / Twin Cam (4 cyl, 1558 cc, 109 cc)
  Saloon 2-door

By adapting two features of their V4 Corsair engine-crossflow porting and dished-in-the-piston combustion chambers - to the four-in-line Cortina unit, Ford have made substantial gains in power output while sacrificing nothing in m.p.g. Power goes up by about 10 per cent, zero-to-sixty time is cut by three seconds. These figures apply to the new 1300 c.c, engine, but a 1600 version is correspondingly sprightlier. Cortina Super now shares the GT's remote-control shift lever. Regulation of the Aeroflow ventilation system has been made easier and more precise.
Cortina-Lotus is the much more refined successor to yesteryear's Lotus Cortina - note that the model name, significantly, bas been put into reverse - now built by Ford instead of Lotus and with the old tendency to temperament eradicated. The Ford-based, Lotus-designed engine is in the hotter of the two forms available, yet is remarkably quiet and flexible. Zero-to-100 acceleration in less than 19 secs. is brilliant for a sub-1600 c.c. family saloon. Body is a two-door without the option. Sole recognition feature is now a pair of distinctively coloured badges. Servicing intervals are short at 2500 miles.
New derivative of the Cortina GT bristles with performance and luxury features. Standard points include reclining bucket seats, special wheels with extra wide rims, console housing the gear lever, an oddments locker and topped by an arm-rest, full carpeting, lavish sound insulation, dual-tone horns cigar lighter, spare wheel cover, twin-driving lamps, automatic reversing lamps, leather-covered aluminium steering wheel, etc. Lowered suspension is Cortina-Lotus pattern. Dished piston engine's output is up to 92 b.h.p. Top speed to 95 m.p.h. 0-60 acceleration time down to 12 seconds.
Saloon: from £724 (incl. P.T.)
GT: from £865 (incl. P.T.)
Estate: from £841 (incl. P.T.)
1600E: £982 (incl. P.T.)
£1,080 (incl. P.T.)

London report '67

Cortina Saloon

Cortina GT

Cortina Estate Car

Cortina 1600E

Cortina Lotus

Cortina Lotus at Geneva Motor Show.

Cortina Twin Cam

Cortina Convertible by Crayford.


Corsair (V4 cyl, 1663 cc, 77 bhp)
Corsair (V4 cyl, 1996 cc, 88 bhp)
  Saloon 2-door
  Saloon 4-door
  Estate Car (Abbott)
Corsair 2000E (S4 cyl, 1996 cc, 97 bhp) - January
  Saloon 4-door


From £840 (incl. P.T.)
2000E: £1,039 (incl. P.T.)
The elegant Corsair range gives a choice of four models - the basic 1663 c.c. de luxe saloon and three 2-litre variants in saloon and estate car forms. The 2000E's suffix letter denotes Executive and gives the clue to its lavish specification. The 'E' replaced the original GT Corsair and its at Earls Court for the first time. Common to all is a compact V4 engine with crossflow cylinder heads and Heron type combustion chambers formed in the piston crowns. The nimble Weber-carburetted 2000E  will do the standing quarter-mile in just over 18 secs.

(London report '67)

Corsair GT

Corsair GT

Corsair 2000E

Corsair 2000E

Corsair Convertible by Crayford.


Zephyr 4 (V4 cyl, 1996 cc, 88 bhp)
Zephyr 6 (V6 cyl, 2495 cc, 112 bhp)
  Estate Car (Abbott)

Zephyr: from £906 (incl. P.T.)
V-6: from £980 (incl. P.T.)
Additions to this group, comprising the Zephyr, Zephyr V6, Zodiac, and Executive and known as the Mark IV range, are de-luxe versions of the Zephyr and Zephyr V6. These are distinguished by new futlwidth aluminium grilles, restyled bonnet motifs, individual front bucket seats, special upholstery in embossed Cirrus 200 PVC and radial ply tyres. Power steering becomes standard on the Zodiac and all Mark IV cars without it have had their steering gear ratios raised. Brake servos are improved.

London report '67


Zephyr De Luxe

Zephyr 6 Estate Car by Abbott


Zodiac and Executive

Zodiac (V6 cyl, 2994 cc, 136 bhp)
  Estate Car (Abbott)
Executive (V6 cyl, 2994 cc, 136 bhp)

Zodiac: from £1,282 (incl. P.T.)
Executive: £1,567 (incl. P.T.)
Ford EXECUTIVE is one of the most luxurious cars ever built by Ford of Britain, this 100 m.p.h. car appeals to those after whom it is named-business executives. The sumptuous interior bas all that a boss would want including fresh air ventilation and extraction, fully reclining individual front seats and the entire floor is covered in deep pile carpet. A pace setter in the prestige class, this model serves its purpose elegantly.

London report '67





1100 (4 cyl, 1098 cc, 49 bhp) - September
1300 (4 cyl, 1298 cc, 58 bhp) - September
GT (R4 cyl, 1298 cc, 72 bhp) - September
Twin Cam (4 cyl, 1558 cc, 109 bhp)

OUT went the Anglia with 1967: in came the Escort with 1968. Models to suit all pockets, from 1100 de luxe through 1100 and 1300 supers to 1300 GT and on to the Twin Cam with 109 bhp, radius arms on rear suspension and plated wheels. Disc front brakes with servo and wide-rim wheels with radial tyres are standard on GT and Twin Cam, optional on others.
London report '67
1100 - £510 + £141 p.t. = £651
1300 - £587 + £163 p.t. = £750


GT 40

(Vee Eight-cyl.; o.h.v.; 4,736 c.c.; 380 b.h.p.)

BRITISH-BUILT at a Slough factory with an American engine specially produced for competitions, the GT 40 is a race-winning result of Anglo-American co-operation which is produced in limited numbers in road-going form for wealthy enthusiasts who want racing-car acceleration and 100-plus cruising and are not deterred by the acrobatics required to get in, or the lack of luggage space.
London report '67


Commuta - prototype

Comuta electric - prototype (June)

Comuta - prototyp elektryczny

Zwycięstwo (Söderström/ Palm) w Rajdzie Szwedzkim (Cortina Lotus).

(Motor'67/2-10 i 13-11-zwyc. Rajd Szwedzki)