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Ford 1959

Popular - ost. rok
Perfect - modernizacja
Anglia - ost.rok
Squire - ost.rok
Zephyr 6
Anglia - nowy model
Popular - nowy model

Great Britain

Angielskie Fordy świetnie sprzedają się w USA. Firma jest trzecim importerem samochodów na tamtejszym rynku.
Anglia ma nowy, 38-konny silnik górnozaworowy o pojemności 997 cm³.

Ford Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac Mark II models underwent a number of styling changes early in the year, including a lower roof line, stainless steel surrounds to windscreen and rear window cappings, chrome headlamp bezels, restyled rear lamp clusters and a modified facia layout.
When the old sit up and beg Popular finally ended production in 1959, and the new Anglia was launched, the Anglia / Prefect body continued. Fitted with the 1172cc engine and three speed box, as the Popular, and with the new 39 bhp ohv 997 cc engine and four speed box, as the Prefect 107E. Popular has two door body and Prefect has four door body.
Adventurous new small saloon from Ford launched in 1959, featured reverse slope rear window and all new 40 bhp 997 cc "square" engine, giving a top speed of 75 mph. Unit construction two door body work, McPherson strut ifs, cart sprung rear and four speed box with synchro on top three. Electric wipers and twelve volt electrics finally arrived on a small Ford. Available as a basic model with less equipment and smaller grille, or de luxe with better trim and equipment and full width chrome grille.



103E (4 cyl, sv, 1172 cc, 30 bhp)
  Saloon 2-door



Anglia, Perfect, Escort and Squire

100E (4 cyl, 1172 cc, 36 bhp)
Anglia Saloon 2-door - continued as Popular (q.v.)
Perfect Saloon 4-door - facelift (q.v.)
Escort Estate Car
Squire Estate Car - discontinued



The dash.

Anglia - American advert.

Escort - American advert.




Perfect - American advert.


Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac


Ford Zodiac Convertible

Ford Zodiac

Ford Zephyr 6 Estate Car

Ford Consul

Zephyr Drophead Coupé



105 E (4 cyl, ohv, 997 cc, 39 bhp)
  Saloon 2-door


Popular, Perfect and Escort

Popular 100E (R4 cyl, sv, 1172 cc, 36 bhp)
  Saloon 2-door
Perfect 107E (4 cyl, ohv, 997 cc, 39 bhp)
  Saloon 4-door
Escort 100E (4 cyl, sv, 1172 cc, 36 bhp)
  Estate Car


Ford Perfect




Zwycięstwo (Burgess) w rajdzie R.A.C. (Zodiac).