Classic Car Catalogue

Ford 1941

Anglia - 933 cm³
Prefect - 1171 cm³

Ostatni rok produkcji przedwojennej.

Great Britain

Ford WOA1 staff car used the body of the pre-war Model 62 Saloon, but with a military pattern front end and 30 HP 85-bhp V8 engine. Tyre size is 9.00-13 or 6.50-16 (Model WOA1 /A).

Ford WOA2, Heavy Utility variant of the WOA1, was in production during 1941-44
Ford WOA2 Tourer is a soft-top conversion of the Heavy Utility car. Such modifications, used mainly in North Africa, are also carried out on Canadian Fords.

Ford E83W 10-cwt Van, converted into Utilicon seven-seater by Martin Walter Ltd. It have the 10 HP 1172-cc engine of the Prefect Saloon and a wheelbase of 7 ft 10 in. The Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force are among the users of the van and the conversion.