Ford 1972

Consul / Granada - nowy model

Great Britain

In the autumn the Escort get trim and equipment improvement. Also an engine with light-alloy cylinder block in the RS 1600.
Capri face-lift in the autumn with bigger headlamps and rear lights. Indicators moved into the bumper and new fascia. OHC Pinto engine replaced the 1600 GT.

With over a million sales worldwide the Escort has recently edged up to second place on the British market behind the Cortina. Improvements to all models for 1973 include two-speed wipers, foot operated wash/wipe, water temperature gauge. Night and day mirrors are fitted and all cars have wider wheel rims. XL models have GT instruments and hazard warning flashers.
Inspired by the Escorts which finished first, third, fifth, sixth and eighth in the London-Mexico World Cup Rally in 1970, the Mexico is a clubman's rally and race car using the same heavy duty 2-door body shell as the Escort RS 1600. All black upholstery is standard. Instruments behind the padded leather covered sports steering wheel include speedo, tacho, fuel gauge, oil gauge, water thermometer and battery condition indicator.
With one basic design available in over 30 different versions, the Cortina lets you select your own specification, and is now Britain's best-selling car. The basic 1300 offers a big interior and large luggage boot at a low price, but you can have more power, automatic transmission, servo brakes, better seats and carpets, lighter, clock, dipping mirror, special wheels, reversing lamps, more bright work.
FORD CONSUL £1,800 approx,
Available in Britain as saloon and now station wagon, the big new Consul offers a choice of engines; 2-litre V4, 2.5 or 3-litre V6. All engines have automatic chokes and emission control. Independent suspension all round gives outstanding ride and road holding and is mounted on sub frames to isolate road noise. The through-flow ventilation includes provision for defrosting side windows. Foot operated wipe wash is provided.
Top Ford for Europe; a spacious new model built in Britain and Germany with high standards of finish and equipment. Twin-circuit servo brakes, radial ply tyres, rack and pinion steering, trailing-arm independent rear suspension are important features. Standard engine is a 2.5-litre V6 but the Granada GXL has a 3-litre engine, steel sliding roof, tinted glass, power steering.
New grille, power-bulge bonnet and larger headlamps (four on 3-litre) identify the much improved 1973 version of this famous sports Coupé which has already scored over 800,000 sales. 1600 and 1600 GT both have o.h.c. engines. Softer springs, with rear anti-roll bar improve the ride; instruments, switches and seats are redesigned. All models have two-speed wipers. Wheel rims are wider and the 3-litre has a new gearbox.

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1100 (4 cyl, 1098 cc, 49 bhp)
1300 (4 cyl, 1298 cc, 58 bhp)
  Saloon 2-door
  Saloon 4-door
  Estate Car
Sport (R4 cyl, 1298 cc, 72 bhp)
GT (R4 cyl, 1298 cc, 72 bhp)
RS 1600 (4 cyl, 1599 cc, 120 bhp)
Mexico (4 cyl, 1599 cc, 86 bhp)

Escort Sport




Cortina GXL

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Zephyr 4 (V4 cyl, 1996 cc, 88 bhp) - end of prod.
Zephyr 6 (V6 cyl, 2495 cc, 112 bhp) - end of prod.
  Estate Car (Abbott)


Zodiac and Executive

Zodiac (V6 cyl, 2994 cc, 136 bhp) - end of prod.
  Estate Car (Abbott)
Executive (V6 cyl, 2994 cc, 136 bhp) - end of prod.



1300 (4 cyl, 1298 cc, 52 bhp)
1600 (4 cyl, 1599 cc, ) - end of prod.
1600 GT (4 cyl, 1599 cc, 82 bhp) - end of prod.
2000 GT (V4 cyl, 1996 cc, 93 bhp)
3000 GT (V6 cyl, 2004 cc, 138 bhp)
3000 E (V6 cyl, 2004 cc, 138 bhp) - replaced by 3000 GXL in October
1600 (4 cyl, ohc, 1593 cc, 64 bhp) - new model in October
1600 GT (4 cyl, ohc, 1593 cc, 82 bhp) - new model in October



Capri 3000E

Capri XL


Consul / Granada



Consul L

Consul GT



Consul L

Consul Estate Car