Ford 1947

Angila - 933 cm³ 8HP
Prefect - 1171 cm³ 10 HP
Pilot V8 - nowy model

Great Britain

"Wiele setek tysięcy małych Fordów wyszło z fabryki w Dagenham pod Londynem. To też dwa obecne modele: "Ford 8-Anglia" i "Ford 10-Perfect" wiele zawdzięczają doświadczeniom zdobytym na poprzednich typach. Są to klasyczne fordowskie konstrukcje z 4 cylindrowymi silnikami o dolnym rozrządzie, z samoczynną regulacją luzów zaworowych. W wyniku wojennego doświadczenia zwrócono specjalną uwagę na łatwość i pewność rozruchu, oraz na lepsze zabezpieczenie stalowych nadwozi od rdzewienia. Oba modele są bodaj najtańszymi w swej klasie wozami brytyjskiej produkcji. Dają one wystarczające pomieszczenie dla 4 osób, i posiadają za sobą potężną światową organizację obsługi Forda."
(Motoryzacja '46)

Ford continue production of their successful 8 HP Anglia (E04A) and 10 HP Prefect (E93A) models which had first been introduced shortly before the war. The Prefect have basically the same 92.5-mm stroke four-cylinder SV engine as the Anglia, but the bore is 63.5 instead of 56.6 mm. Both have a three-speed gearbox, torque-tube transmission and transversal leaf springing front and rear. Commercial van derivatives of these two cars are the 5-cwt E04C and 10-cwt E83W respectively.
Pre-war Anglia re-introduced in 1945 is cheapest four seater saloon available. Sidevalve 24 bhp 933 cc engine giving 58 mph top speed, or 31 bhp 1172cc, for export only. Three speed gearbox, cable and rod brakes, vacuum wipers and six volt electrics.
Perfect is up market version of the Anglia, with 4" longer wheelbase and four door six light bodywork. More rounded styling with running boards, and integral luggage boot. Engine is 31 bhp 1172 cc sidevalve giving 62 mph top speed.
V8 Pilot constructed from a mixture of pre-war parts to start post war production in 1947, have a substantial cart sprung chassis, fitted with 85 bhp 3622 cc sidevalve engine giving 85 mph top speed. Body style is updated pre-war style with four doors, separate wings and running boards, and imposing grille. Brakes are hydro mechanical, and three speed gearshift on the column. Comfortable period interior with lots of Bakelite.

Ford Pilot Saloon, Model E71A, was introduced in August 1947. Except for the front end, the four-door four-light bodywork is very similar to that of the pre-war 22 HP Model 62. When the Pilot was introduced there was to be a choice of 2.5 and 3.6-litre V8 engines, but it was soon decided to fit only the larger unit (basically identical to that of the contemporary Fordson Thames trucks). This 3622-cc (77.8 x 95.3 mm) unit produced 85 bhp at 3500 rpm and drove through a three-speed gearbox with steering-column mounted shift lever. Suspension is in the Ford tradition with rigid axles and transverse leaf springs.
In December 1947, the word 'Anglia' had been incorporated in the radiator grille badge and the Prefect had chrome radiator slats and plain hub caps from October 1947.



Model E04A (4 cyl, 993 cc, 24 bhp)
  Saloon 2 door



Model E93A (4 cyl, 1172 cc, 30 bhp)
  Saloon 4 door



Model E71A (V8 cyl, 3622cc, 85 bhp)