Ford 1938

Ten - end of prod.
V8 Model 62
V8 Model 81
Perfect - October

Great Britain

Ford Ten, Model 7W is available as Saloon and Four-seater Tourer. It has the familiar 1172-cc side-valve Four engine.
Ford 22 HP V8 Model 62 is basically similar to 1936/37 model but has larger boot and detail modifications. Bumper overriders are no longer fitted and the small circular grilles below the headlights incorporate V8 emblems. Prices are up by Ł30 and the Saloon now cost Ł240.
Ford V8 Model 81 A 30 HP. Basically the North American Ford V8 with some British fittings: the semaphore type direction indicators and the wing-mounted sidelights.
Ford Prefect was introduced in October to replace the Ten.



(4 cyl, 1172 cc)
  Single-Entrance Saloon
  Double-Entrance Saloon

Ten Tourer

V8 22 HP

V8 Model 62

V8 Model 62

V8 30 HP

V8 Model 81 Station Wagon this particular RHD model is fitted with 9.00-13 (vs. 6.00-1 6) tyres and the wing cut-outs are enlarged to provide extra clearance.


Model E93A (R4 cyl, 1172 cc)