Ford 1933

Model Y (8 h.p.)
Model B / BF (4-cyl., 24 HP / 4-cyl., 14.9 HP)
Model 18 (V-8-cyl., 30 HP) – end of production in September
V8 Model 40 - new model

Great Britain

Ford Model B with 24 HP four-cylinder engine (3285-cc, 98.425 x 107.95 mm) and Model BF with 14.9 HP engine (as B but 77.6-mm bore, 2043-cc) are produced in Britain from 1932. They are originally similar to the 1932 US Ford Model B and Model 18 (same car with V8 engine; produced in Britain as C1 8R, 1932-33) but when the US Ford Motor Co. replaced these models by the modernized 1933 Model 40, the British Dagenham plant continued the Model B body shell with the four-cylinder 14.9 and 24 HP engine. These later models differed from the original in having skirted front wings with streamlined side lights, different bumpers and a straight, rather than curved, headlamp tie bar. Wheelbase is 8 ft 10 in, tyre size 5.25-18, price £225. The models B and BF are also known as the AB and ABF and their chassis serial number prefixes consist of these designations.

Ford 8 HP Model Y underwent some further styling changes. The radiator grille is deeper ('long-rad' model ; earlier models now known as 'short-rad') and the matching bumper have a curved-down centre section. Body style availability now include four-door model. The 8 HP two- and four-door saloons are named Tudor and Fordor respectively, following the American Ford custom. Later the more British sounding terms Single- and Double-entrance Saloon were used.


Model Y

(933 cc, 22 bhp)
  Saloon 2-door
  Saloon 4-door

Model Y short radiator (short rad) was bulit until September 1933. The 'short rad' can be easily recognised by the nine louvres on the bonnet side, the straight, ribbed bumpers, the radiator grille too short to include a starting handle hole (this was in the front valance below the grille), 'diamond' shaped door handles and the mudguards without trailing skirts. A total of 26,895 short rads, including 2209 Fordor De Luxe, were built.


Model B, BF and 18


Model 18 Roadster

Ford BF


V8 Model 40