Fiat 1968

850 Coupé
850 Spider

124 Sport Coupé
124 Sport Spider
1500L - end of prod.
1800B / 2300 Lusso - end of prod.
2300 Coupé
Dino Spider
Dino Coupé
City Taxi - prototype


Since 1936, when the legendary Topolino came out, Fiat is considered a leader in the construction of the smallest possible, but still usable automobiles. Currently, the relevant program consists of three types, the 500 (since 1957), the 600 (since 1955) and the 850 (since 1964).
500 Lusso wyróżnia się dodatkowymi, prętowymi nakładkami na zderzakach. Wersja kombi Giardiniera będzie teraz dostępna wyłącznie jako Autobianchi.
Zmodernizowany w styczniu Fiat 850 Special ma silnik o mocy podwyższonej do 47 KM, który dotychczas montowany był w wersji Coupé. Z tego modelu adaptowano też przednie hamulce tarczowe.
Nowe wersje 850 Sport mają silniki o pojemności 903 cm³. Pokazano je w marcu w Genewie. Rzucają się w oczy nowe reflektory: cztery w Coupé i dwa pionowe w Spiderze.
124 Special pokazany w październiku w Turynie ma 4 reflektory, silnik o pojemności 1438 cm³ i mocy 70 KM i zmienione tylne zawieszenie, które zastosowano także w Spiderze i Coupé tej serii.
Ukazała się 100-konna wersja Fiata 125 Special z 5-biegową przekładnią. Rozpoznać ją można po większych otworach wentylacyjnych na tylnych słupkach, niżej przebiegających listwach bocznych, innych kołach i listwach okalających wnęki kół.

Oferta firmy z początku roku.


500F (R2 cyl, 499 ccm, 22 KM)
 Berlina (wb: 1840 mm)
 Berlina Lusso (wb: 1840 mm) - new model
 Giardiniera (wb: 1940 mm) - end of prod.

Although eleven years old, the fiat 500 is still very sought after. It is solid, stable, robust, undemanding in maintenance and economical. It also offers an exceptional in its class cornering, good brakes and enough space. Despite the unsynchronized transmission, it is very easy to drive and park in the tightest spaces. Just ideal city car.

500 Lusso


600D (R4 cyl, 767 ccm, 29 KM; 2000 mm)

The second of the Fiat's 'Small Three' is the 600. This car has lost much of its former importance since the introduction of the 850. The difference in the price difference is relatively small but the new model offers much better performance.


850 (R4 cyl, 843 ccm, 40 KM-SAE; 2027 mm)
 Berlina Normale
 Berlina Super
850 Special (R4 cyl, 843 ccm, 47 KM; 2027 mm) - new model

The 850 N has been joined by an even newer model, the 850 Special, which has the 47 bhp engine from the previous 850 Coupé.

850 Sport
Coupé and Spider

850 Coupé (843 ccm, 47 KM; 2027 mm) - end of prod.
850 Spider (843 ccm, 49 KM; 2027 mm) - end of prod.
850 Sport (903 ccm, 52 KM; 2027 mm) - new model


The modernised 850 Sport were released in February. This time they have a common engine, which has been enlarged to .9-litre. The old unit fount its way into the 850 Special saloon. With refreshed bodies they are now even more attractive than before.

Zmodernizowane 850 Sport.


1100R (1089 ccm)

The reputation of the Fiat 1100 is based on decades of development and tradition. Current version has been on the market since the beginning of 1966. Although its successor, the Fiat 124 has been introduced more than two years ago, the old Millecento is still finding buyers, thanks to its remarkably low price but also well made.


124 (1197 ccm)
124 Special (1438 ccm, 70 KM) - new model

The Fiat 124 started a new model era in Turin two years ago not only with a different model designation. The shape and lines of the car resulted from a new ratio of width and length. The result is a rather wide car with a large interior and compact exterior dimensions. However, not only the car body, but also the high-performance engine with five crankshaft bearings, the suspension and the brake system with disc brakes on all four wheels. Unfortunately it suffers some teething problems which impairs its reputation.

124 Special wyróżnia się podwójnymi reflektorami.

124 Sport

124 Spider (1438 ccm, 90 KM)
124 Coupé (1438 ccm' 90 KM)

The two 124 Sport models have only the name in common with the Fiat 124 saloon. The engine is the sporty 1.5 litre twin-cam. The very appealing Spider was designed by Pininfarina while the Coupé comes from Fiat's own studio. Considering the performance, both cars are offered at remarkably low prices.


125 (1608 ccm, 90 KM-DIN)
125 Special (1608 ccm, 100 KM) - new model



1500L (R4 cyl, 1481 ccm, 75 KM; 2650 mm) - end of prod.
1500 Taxi (R4 cyl, 1481 ccm, 60 KM; 2650 mm) - end of prod.


1800B and 2300 Lusso

1800B (R6 cyl, 1795 ccm, 86 KM) - end of prod.
2300 Lusso (R6 cyl, 2279 ccm, 105 KM) - end of prod.



2300 Familiare

2300S Coupé

2300S (R6 cyl, 2279 ccm, 150 KM-SAE)
 Coupé (wb: 2650 mm)



Dino (V6, 1987 ccm, 160 KM)

The Fiat Dino has the designed by Ferrari and made by Fiat in series V6 engine with four camshafts. A limited series of 25,000 of them, it is said, will be built. Despite the same mechanics the Spider and the Coupé show different natures with the former being more moderate and refined. In fact, it is also a lot longer and heavier, because his Bertone-tailored body offers four full-size seats and a sophisticated as well as luxurious equipment.


1101A (R4 cyl, 1901 ccm, 63 KM; 2300 mm)
1102B (R4 cyl, diesel, 1901 cc, 47 KM) - end of prod.
1102C (R4 cyl, diesel, 1895 cc, 47 KM) - new model
AR 59 (R4 cyl, 1901 cc, 63 KM)
AR 55PS (R4 cyl, 1901 cc, 63 KM)


City Taxi


850 Taxi na wystawie w Turynie.