Fiat 1949

500B - end of prod.
500C - new model
1100B - end of prod.
1100E - new model
1500D - end of prod.
1500E - new model


The new 1500E was launched, at the Fiera del Levante in Bari. The main difference is the large boot, which is now accesible from outside and is also housing the spare wheel. Other changes includes the front bumper (strengthened) and the gear change lever moved to the steering wheel.
At the end of the summer came the 1100E with similar changes to the bigger 1500 - larger boot, new bumpers and gear change lever under the steering wheel. There is also a new gearbox with synchromesh on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear. The 1500 got that in the autumn last year. A van 1100 BLR Giardiniera is a new addition to the 'Millecento' family.



500B (R4 cyl, 569 ccm, 16,5 KM; 2000 mm) - end of prod.



500C (R4 cyl, 569 ccm, 16,5 KM; 2000 mm) - new model



1100B (R4 cyl, 1089 ccm, 35 KM; 2420 mm) - end of prod.
1100BL (R4 cyl, 1089 ccm, 30 KM; 2700 mm) - end of prod.
1100BL Taxi (R4 cyl, 1089 ccm, 30 KM; 2700 mm)
1100BLR - end of prod.
1100E (R4 cyl, 1089 ccm, 35 KM; 2420 mm) - new model
1100EL (R4 cyl, 1089 ccm, 30 KM; 2700 mm) - new model
1100ELR - new model

Fiat 1100 B

Fiat 1100 B

1100 BL Taxi

1100 BL

1100 B Cabriolet

1100 BLR

1100 BLR

1100 BLR Giardiniera


6-7 seater

Four doors without centre pillars, with windup glasses. Swivelling quarter lights for ventilation. The front seats are adjustable. Collapsible seats facing front; wide rear seat, the back squab of which turns down giving access to the luggage space. Inside upholstered in cloth. Spare wheel recessed into tail, with wheel cover. Chromium plated bumpers; double arm electric screen wiper, disappearing direction indicators; inside, adjustable sun visors; safety glass in all lights.

4 seater

The interior is upholstered in cloth, the armchair type front seats are adjuslable independently; the back seat squab turns down for access to the luggage space, although this is normallyy reached through an outside door in the tail. All door lights wind up. The instrument panel is of handsome, rational design and the instruments are easily consulted. New, extra sturdy, chromium plated bumpers. The car is fltted with double arm electric screen wiper, driving mirror, "Stop" lights on rear wings, number plate in centre, disappearing directionn indicators, internal lighting, adjustable inside sun visors and map pockets to the doors. The spare wheel is carried in the luggage trunk at the rear.

improved fittings and finish (instrument panel,
change speed lever under steering wheel, rear
seats, place for radio, trunk, wheel cover,
bumpers etc.).
New lines of the back of the body:
spare wheel and luggage housed in spacious
compartment accessible from outside.
completely new, of most modern design: the 2nd,
3rd and 4th speeds are perfectly synchronised.
Gear shift lever under steering wheel:
easier to handle and out of the way of front seat
Improved clutch, voltage regulator and other
technical improvements.



1100S (R4 cyl, 1089 ccm, 51 KM; 2420 mm)



1500D (R6 cyl, 1493 ccm, 48 KM; 2800 mm) - end of prod.
1500E (R6 cyl, 1493 ccm, 48 KM; 2800 mm) - new model