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Fairthorpe 1959

Electron 4 cyl. ohc 1098 cc wb: 84 in.  
Electron Minor 4 cyl. 948 cc    
Atomota 2 cyl. 646 cc    
Atomota Major 4 cyl. 948 cc   - new model

Great Britain

April 1959 Practical Motorist
FAIRTHORPE CARS LTD., The Market Place, Chalfont St. Peter, Buckinghamshire, recently announced modifications affecting all three of the present range of Fairthorpe cars.
The Electron
THIS Fairthorpe model remains in its present form but will be fitted with the Stage III Coventry Climax 1098 c.c. as standard. This gives 93 b.h.p, maximum power instead of 84 b.h.p, with the Stage II. Another change is the supply of Michelin X tyres as standard equipment. The price applicable to the modified Electron is £1,211 17s. including purchase tax against the old gross price of £1,154 17s. plus £33 14s, for Michelin X tyres and new heavy duty gearbox. Thus the increase for the Stage III engine is £23 6s. A complete kit of parts for home construction will be £734 total for the modified model,
The Electron Minor
THE Fairthorpe Electron Minor is to have a new nose of improved shape, suitably embellished. The engine will have twin S.U. carburetters as standard instead of as an extra. Minor changes include a snap action petrol cap of very generous diamerer. The new price will be £755 17s. gross instead of £719 19s. gross and the complete home
construction kit costs £446 total against a previous £425.
The Atomota
THE Fairthorpe Atomota economy saloon is to be offered with either its present twin cylinder 650 c.c, air - cooled engine or with the 948 c.c. power unit exactly as on the Electron Minor. With the former its price is £671 17s. including P.T. as a completed car or £408 for a kit. With the larger engine its price either as a finished product or as a kit, will be that for the Electron Minor.