Fairthorpe 1962

Great Britain

Electron Minor
Rockette (R6, 1596cc, 70bhp) – London



THIS one is new, and available either as a kit of parts for owner-assembly or complete. Exciting acceleration, derived from a favourable power/weight ratio, is the Rockette keynote. Tipping the scale at little over a thousand pounds, dry, the car is fitted with Standard-Triumph's 1.6-litre six-cylinder engine, which develops about 70 b.h.p. nett. The ladder-type chassis is made from rectangle-section steel tubes, both suspension systems using coil springs and hydraulic shock-absorbers; rear-wheel positioning is by wide-based trailing wishbones and parallel links pivoted on the frame side-members. The Rockette is a sports two-seater of the type on which Fairthorpe energies have mostly been concentrated in the past, but the body is roomier than average for its class and the makers claim that three persons can be accommodated for short distances.

New version of Fairthorpe Electron two-seater open sports car was announced by the Buckinghamshire based manufacturer in the autumn of 1961 . Available with a Coventry Climax 1098-cc or 1220-cc engine, this model is lighter than its predecessor. The front end of the plastic body is designed to fit the less expensive Electron Minor as well, which continue in production either complete or in kit form. Zeta, Electrina and, latterly, Rockette models are also available.







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