Elva 1962

Great Britain

Courier (R4, 1622cc, 90bhp) 

October advert


DESIGNED by Frank Nichols, whose racing cars have scored many successes all over the World, the glass-fibre bodied Courier is manufactured by the Trojan-Lambretta group and is making its first Earls Court appearance. Most of the mechanical components, including the 1622 c.c. four-cylinder engine, back axle, brakes and most of the suspension units, are of B.M.C. origin, which ensures a good spare parts service. Weighing slightly under and a bit over 13 cwt. in sports two-seater and Coupé forms respectively, the Courier has an excellent power/weight ratio, reflected in such acceleration times as nought to 6o m.p.h. in 10.2 secs., a standing quarter-mile in 17.8. Features of the tubular chassis are its coil springs front and rear, back axle location by Panhard rod and radius tubes, rack and pinion steering. The normal braking system comprises discs in front and drums at the back, but if drums all round are specified there is a price reduction of £25.
(London report, October'62)


Courier Coupé