DKW 1956



F 91 kombi
F 93 / F 94 3=6 (2-dr, 4-dr, Coupé, kabriolet 2 i 4 osobowy)

Produkcję DKW w wersji kombi rozpoczęto w Brazylii.

D.K.W. has a changed radiator grille, and the power has been increased to 40 b.h.p. by improving porting. A 1 to 40 fuel to oil mixture is now recommended instead of 1 to 25, and this advice is retrospective for D.K.W. cars of up to two years old. Carbon formation is thereby reduced, there is less smoke and smell (not that either were apparent before), no pinking and reduced running expense.
(Paris report, October'56)

Last weekend the German Auto Union company, of Dusseldorf, was stated to have agreed to a merger with the Bayerische Motoren Werke and the Daimler Benz company. According to German press reports this plan stems from Dr. Werner, who is to succeed Dr. R. Bruhn as Auto Union's managing director.

DKW 3=6 na okładce pisma De Auto.

DKW 3=6

DKW 3=6 Limousine

3=6 Cabriolet






DKW 3=6 model '57






DKW Munga – production began in October.






DKW 3=6 Schnellaster








1st Rajd 1000 Jezior Kalpala
1st Rajd Safari Cecil/ Vickers


F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
  Mille Miglia 18-29.04.56 (round 3) Results:
# Entrant: gen. category class
60 3=6 Hartmann / Berberich 145th T/GT1.0 8th T1.0 8th
70 3=6 Ritzinger 119th T/GT1.0 7th T1.0 5th