Delahaye 1954



Delahaye 235 Coupé Charboneaux (Vose)

235 cabriolet Chapron (retroviseur)

235 Chapron - Saoutchik


  • 235 coach, Coupé, cabriolet R6 3557 cm³ 150 KM - ost. rok. Powstały 83 sztuki.

Przejęta w ubiegłym roku przez Hotchkissa firma jest kolejną ofiarą polityki francuskiego rządu.

Delahaye and Hotchkiss, merged in 1954. A last appearance on the Show 1954, alongside new Hotchkiss Agay and Monceau, to liquidate a few stocks.

For 1954, Chapron redesigned again the bodies for Delahaye, including discrete auraaussi career commercially as flamboyant esthétiquement, enprésentant a Coupé derived from that of the previous year at the 1953et one amazing show cut "with the Saoutchik". Only 5 Delahaye are still built this year at the end of the year 1953, sixteen others were still in stock...

Paris Motor Show.

235 coach Chapron (retroviseur)




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