Delahaye 1947

  • 135 M (R6 cyl, 3557 cm³, 95 KM) coach (2 wersje), cabriolet

  • 135 MS (R6 cyl, 3557 cm³, 130 KM) cabriolet

  • 148 L berline, coach, cabriolet

  • 175 coach; 178 cabriolet; 180 limousine 4,5 litre - nowy model

135 MS ma większą moc dzięki zastosowaniu dwóch gaźników.

A perfect example of fine construction technique is the Delahaye. This is a low-slung, cream colored, streamlined four-passenger Coupé with a custom-built body by the famous Continental coach-building firm of Figoni and Falaschi. Features of the Delahaye not often found on American cars are: push-button door opening, carefully tailored leather upholstery, chromium-plated engine accessories, Cotal electric gear box, and a complete set of engine instruments on the dashboard. Capable of 97 m.p.h., this car is by no means the fastest model built by Delahaye, as this French firm has had many years experience in the building of Grand Prix racing cars as well as pleasure cars, and has earned a fine reputation in both these fields. (Road & Track)

135 M cabriolet Guillore

135 Figoni et Falaschi

135 Coupé by Figoni & Falaschi
The four passenger Coupé shown is mounted on a 6 cylinder, 116 inch wheelbase chassis. Extremely clean in design, the low streamlined body is remarkably free from external protrusions. Headlights, push-button door mechanism and direction indicators are recessed inside the body contour and both front and rear fenders are faired-in smoothly to the body. The results are a series of long unbroken lines throughout that blend gracefully into one-another, producing a truly pleasing and distinctive car. (Road & Track)

135 M by Antem.



Delahaye 1946

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