Classic Car Catalogue

Delage 1938

DI-12 — discontinued
D6-70 — discontinued
DI-50 — new model
D6-75 — new model


For 1938 Delage reduced the offerings of the 6-cylinder cars to just one, most popular model: the D6-70. Citroen-bodied cars also disappeared, considered harmful to the prestigious image of the company. The berline (saloon) bodies for the DI-12 and D6 are made by Autobineau. They are identical in aperance, with the latter having 20 cm longer bonnet. Introduced in late autumn last year they soon recieved redesigned, more elegant front wings.
The D8-100 and 120 are only offered as a bare chassis to be individually by the most famous French body builders.
In the spring important changes were made in the organization of the Delage brand. From April, Delage becomes a simple subsidiary of Delahaye by the formation of the Safad (Société anonyme française des automobiles Delage) located at the same address as Delahaye in Paris. This new company takes over from Snad (Société Nouvelle des Automobiles Delage). Walter Watney becomes chairman of Safad and Louis Delage remains symbolically one of the directors.
For 1939 Delage introduced an improved 4-cylinder model DI-50 closely related to the Delahaye 134G. The most popular 6-cylinder become the D6-75 and recieved a larger 2.8-litre engine.
January 1938


12 CV wb: 4 cyl.
2150 cm³
45 ch
— discontinued
berline   2950 mm  
familiale   3150 mm  


DI-12 berline.


  wb: 6 cyl.
2729 cm³
78 ch
— discontinued
berline Luxe   315 cm  
berline Grand Luxe   315 cm  
cabriolet Grand Luxe   315 cm  
coach panoramique Grand Luxe   315 cm  
coach panoramique Grand Luxe transformabile   315 cm  
cabriolet panoramique Grand Luxe   315 cm  
coach Aérosport   315 cm  
familiale Luxe   330 cm  
familiale Grand Luxe   330 cm  



D6-70 berline.

D6-70 coach panoramique Letourneur & Marchand.

D6-70 cabriolet panoramique Letourneur & Marchand.

D6-70 coach panoramique Grand Luxe transformabile by Letoruner & Marchand.

D6-70 coach panoramique Letourneur & Marchand with higher roof line providing more room for rear seat passengers.

Classic cabriolet D6-70 by Letourner & Marchand. Note the discreet rear fin and elegant, slim bumpers.

D6-70 coach by Letourner & Marchand with pillarless Vutotal windscreen.

D8-100 and 120

1938 models 24 CV
8 cyl.
4302 cm³
105 ch
8 cyl.
4302 cm³
120 ch
chassis 363 cm D8-100 -
chassis 335 cm - D8-120

1939 models 24 CV
8 cyl.
4750 cm³
100 ch
8 cyl.
4750 cm³
120 ch
  363 cm D8-100 -
  335 cm - D8-120


D8-100 by Franay.

D8-100 limousine by Letourner & Marchand.

D8-100 berline as exhibited at Paris Show last year.

D8-100 limousine.

D8-100 coupé-limousine Letourner & Marchand.

D8-100 berline by Chapron.

Coach panoramique by Guilloré.

Roadster by De Villars.

Cabriolet by Letourner & Marchand.

Coach Mouette by Chapron.

Cabriolet by Pourtout built in June.

D8-12 Aérosport by Letourner & Marchand presented at Paris Motor Show in October last year.

D8-120 cabriolet by Chapron.

D8-120 coupe profilé Letourneur & Marchand zaprezentowany w Paryżu.


14 CV wb: 4 cyl.
2370 cm³
59 ch
— new model    
berline 295 cm        
coach 295 cm        




16 CV wb: 6 cyl.
2789 cm³
75 ch
— new model    
berline 315 cm        
coach panoramique 315 cm        
cabriolet 315 cm        
limousine 330 cm        





European Championship GP entries:
 French GP 03.07.1938   Results:
No. Model Driver Entrant gen.    
8 4.5 V-12 Robert Mazaud Louis Delage dna    
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
09.04.1938British Empire Trophy           D6-70 4th
22.05.1938GP Antwerpen           D6-70 2nd
17-18.06.193824h Le Mans 1 1 0 22   D6-70 fail.
09-10.07.193824h Spa 1 1 1 18 Louis Gérard / Monneret D6-70 2nd
03.09.1938RAC Tourist Trophy       8   D6-70 1st
After his succesfull debut at 24h Le Mans last year Louis Gérard become the main driver of Delage team.
He suggested replacing the Figoni & Falaschi coupe with lighter open body. This new car made its debut at the British Empire Trophy Race of Donington in April where he finished 4th behind three English cars (including two ERA) and in front of a 3-litre Alfa Romeo.
The Gerard and de Valence team didn't complete the Le Mans race due to head gasket failure but cliched several victories in other prestigiuous races.

Le Mans.

On the track at 24h Le Mans.

24h Spa.

Tourist Trophy.
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
25-30.01.1938 Rallye Monte Carlo   ? 1 58 Delaveau / Lesurque   50th

No.58, Ch. Richer Delaveau and Marcel Lesurque in Delage on the way from Athens, finished 50th.