Delage 1935




D 4 8CV berline, coach, Coupé - ost.rok
D 6-65 16CV berline, cabriolet - ost.rok
D 8-85 20CV berline, coach, cabriolet - ost.rok
D 8-105 20CV coach, cabriolet - ost.rok

Close to bankruptcy, the Delage Company was bought by Walter Watney, the owner of the principle dealership in used Delage cars in Paris. The main factory in Courbevoie was sold to a machine tool company, and the right to manufacture cars under the Delage name was bought by Delahaye.
A new range employ an engines derived from a six-cylinder ohv unit developed by Delahaye. The sporting aspect of Delage is maintained with a Coupé version of the D6 75 built for Le Mans in 1935.