DB 1954


Two DBs at Le Mans.

Supercharged 750-c.c. D.B., in general shape looking like an enlarged Monomill racer but being better finished and having large ribbed brakes and knock-off wire wheels. It is really in the form of an experiment, but as a 750-c.c. supercharged car it must be considered as a current Formula I car and while not of Grand Prix standard it might be quite handy on a small Formula I circuit such as Pan or Aix-les-Bains. The engine was normal D.B. Panhard flat-twin fitted with a belt-driven double-rotor supercharger, the power unit being in front of the front wheels and driving them through a normal D.B. gearbox.
(Paris report)

D.B. Startujący w maratonie Liege-Rzym-Liege.




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