Datsun / Nissan 1972




European market





    4 cyl.
988 cm³
59 bhp (SAE)
Sedan 2-dr          
Sedan 4-dr          


Three bites at the Cherry are now offered to world buyers: saloon, sports coupe and station wagon. Built by Nissan, they have transverse pushrod engines and front-wheel drive. Saloon models have two or four doors and suspension is all-independent. The engine runs on cheap fuel and uses very little of it. Parking is easy and driving is fun.



    4 cyl.
1171 cm³
68 hp (SAE)


DATSUN 1200 ESTATE £1,049
Called the "Sunny" in Japan this lively economical little estate car is said to have a top speed of nearly 90. It has five doors and with rear seat folded there is about 50 cubic feet of cargo space. Standard equipment includes two-speed wipers, electric screenwasher and cigar lighter. There is also a Sunny Coupe 1200 GX, with high compression 1,171 c.c. engine.



    4 cyl.
1595 cm³
100 hp (SAE)


DATSUN 160/180B £1,240/1,358
Longer, wider and more powerful than the 1400/1600, the Datsun Bluebird 160/180B has modern styling, all-independent suspension and choice of two engines with overhead camshafts, chain-driven. In the Japanses tradition, equipment is lavish, including radio, clock, reversing lights, hazard warning switch, lockable fuel filler, heated rear window. Datsun are planning to introduce another version with Wankel engine.


240 C




240 Z

2393 cm³
150 hp (SAE)


DATSUN 240 ZG £2,309
World's top selling sports car since its impressive victories in the East African Safari and other big events the 240 Z is a strongly built two-seater coupe with six-cylinder overhead camshaft engine and choice of three transmissions, four-speed, five-speed or BW automatic. Heated rear window, twin-circuit servo brakes are features. The latest ZG has a longer, sleeker nose, spoilers front and rear.


American market