Datsun / Nissan 1971








European market




100 A

    4 cyl.
988 cm³
59 hp (SAE)


DATSUN 100A £799 (incl. P.T.)
A new small car from Japan is bound to be news, and the Datsun 100A is an intriguing newcomer with controversial styling. It features a transverse engine driving the front wheels a la Mini, independent suspension all round, rack and pinion steering and a high standard of equipment. It has a 988 c.c. engine built in unit with the clutch, gearbox and final drive and reckoned to push the Datsun baby up to 87 m.p.h. There are two-door, four-door and estate car versions, all with the benefit of roominess within a smallish overall size. An eye-catcher which loves cross-country work.


240 C

    6 cyl.
2393 cm³
130 hp (SAE)


DATSUN 240C Approximately £2,000 (incl. P.T.)
This is another new offering from the Nissan Motor Company, and has their 2.4 litre engine, which is an in-line six-cylinder, developing a healthy 130 b.h.p. There are two versions of this car available, a Custom de luxe saloon, or an eight-seater station wagon (with two of the seats popping up out of the rear cargo deck and facing backwards). With either version a top speed of 106 m.p.h. is claimed for the manual cars, and exactly 100 for automatics. Mechanically they are quite conventional, while the interiors are attractively finished and the equipment is good.


American market







Datsun 2400 in South Africa.