Classic Car Catalogue

Daimler 1959

One-O-Four discontinued (1955-59 - 459 ex.)
DK 400  
Dart/SP 250 – April / October
Majestic Major – October

Great Britain

Two years after Daimler's 1957 withdrawal from the sports car market, they came back with the fibreglass bodied Dart. Aimed at the American Market an early name change was needed as Chrysler had registered the Dart name.

Daimler Majestic Saloon is similar in appearance to the One-O-Four (from 1956) but with increased body width, a lower radiator, smoother rear wing line and detail differences. The six-cylinder 3.8 litre engine develop 147 bhp at 4400 rpm. Automatic transmission and disc brakes are standard.
Daimler Majestic Major Saloon was also announced in October. With top speed over 120 mph this weighting 1.8 tons luxury saloon is Britain's fastest six-seater.
Daimler SP 250 Sports two-seater was announced in the spring, initially for export only with left-hand drive (SP 250 LH Dart) and represents something of change for the Daimler company. The powerful 2½ -litre V8 engine, which develops 140 bhp at 5800 rpm, make the car a particularly exciting performer. Disc brakes are standard, and overdrive or automatic transmission optional equipment. Wheelbase is 7ft 8in. Right-hand-drive version was announced in October. The car went on sale in the USA in November.
As a surprise came a Close Coupled Saloon built by Hooper on the SP 250 chassis. By the time of the London Show is was announced that Hooper is closing down its business. Since 1929 they built 691 bodies for Daimler.



DF 310 Saloon wb: 9ft. 6in. 6 cyl. 3468 cc 137 bhp – discontinued



DF 316 Saloon wb: 9ft. 6in. 6 cyl. 3794 cc 135 bhp


DK 400

DK 400 Limousine wb: 10ft. 10in. 6 cyl. 4617 cc 167 bhp


Dart / SP 250

SP 250 DHC wb: 92 in V8 cyl. 2548 cc 140 bhp – new model

SP 250 by Hooper was shown at Earls Court in October. A rather sad swan-song of the famous coachbuilder.


Majestic Major

Saloon wb: 9ft. 6in. V8 cyl. 4561 cc 220 bhp – new model