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Daimler 1951

DB 18 Sports Special  
DE 27 – discontinued (1946-51 - 255 ex.)
DE 36 Straight Eight  
Regency – October

Great Britain

A brain child of Lady Docker, the wife of Sir Bernard Docker, the 'Golden Daimler' stole the London Motor Show in October. The car was built at the Hooper works in London's Western Avenue and completed only a few hours before the Motor Show opened. Gold leaf is sprayed on to all the fittings, even the exhaust pipe, and petrol cap and wheel-hubs are tinselled in gold. A multitude of gold stars embellishes the bodywork and door panels. The painwork is velvet-toned black, creating dramatic effect. Interior fittings includes a cocktail bar, 'tea-cabinet' and folding tables in Australian camphor-wood, black leather upholstery with gold piping in the front, embroidered 'Coteline' gold silk brocade in the back, and a gold vanity set. There is the rear-window demister, double-glazed side-windows and electrically-operated glass sunroof. If you ask what the price is, you probably can't afford it, but since you did: £8,500.
Unveiled at the Earls Court show Regency is effectively a larger version of the Consort with 3-litre engine.


Consort and
Sports Special

Consort 6 cyl. 2522 cc 70 bhp wb: 9ft.6in.
DB 18 Sports Special 6 cyl. 2522 cc 85 bhp wb: 9ft.6in.

Sports Special


Twenty-Seven and
Straight Eight

DE 27 6 cyl. 4095 cc 110 bhp wb: 11ft. 6½in. – discontinued
DE 36 8 cyl. 5460 cc 150 bhp wb: 12ft.3in.  

DE 27

DE 36

DE 36 Sedanca by Hooper

7,000 gold stars were applied to the flanks of the first Docker Daimler unveiled as the 1951 Motor Show opened.



6 cyl. 2952 cc 90 bhp wb: 9ft.6in. – new model