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In April 1969 the succeeding Daihatsu Consorte appeared, using the 1.0 engine and the Toyota Publica KP30 body. Daihatsu decided to depend on Toyota for designing compact cars from now on. The Consorte is only available as a two-door sedan, and while the Compagno Van, Truck, and Convertibles are not replaced the four-door Super Deluxe remains in production until January 1970 so as to meet existing orders.
In August 1969 new safety regulations required certain lighting changes, a driver's side headrest, and seatbelts on the MP5.

Daihatsu will be cashing in on the Expo 70, with a fleet of electric powered carriages to be used in hauling visitors in the vast site. The vehicle will cruise at 10 m.p.h. and have a range of about 85 miles. On the old fashioned internal combustion engined products, Daihatsu are marketing the Consorte 1000, a twin brother to Toyota's Publica, and the Fellow 360 range. A part of the Toyota Publica production is also undertaken at Daihatsu' Ikeda works.
Tokio Motor Show report




L37 wb: 2 cyl. 2 stroke
356 cm³
23 PS
2 cyl. 2 stroke
356 cm³
32 PS
2 cyl. 2 stroke
356 cm³
26 PS
Sedan 2-dr 1990 mm S/SX/SDX SS S/SX/SDX/Custom  
Van (Kombi) 1940 mm S/SDX - S/SDX  
Pick-up 1940 mm S/SDX - S/SDX  



A minor udate came in January, with a fixed driver's side headrest and seatbelts installed because of new safety regulations.
In July, along with what was literally a facelift (the front bumper was now mounted higher), the lesser engine's output increased to 26 PS and a comparatively luxurious "Custom" version was added at the top of the lineup. The size of the taillights also increased somewhat.
An electric version called the Daihatsu Fellow Van EV went on sale in September 1969.

Fellow SS 360

Fellow 360 SS




wb: 2160 mm 4-cyl. ohv
958 cm³
58 PS (SAE)
Sedan 2-dr













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