Classic Car Catalogue

DAF 1958

600 (2 cyl, 590 cm³, 22 KM-SAE; wb: 2050 mm)


Pierwszy osobowy samochód zaprezentowany na salonie w Amsterdamie przed holenderskiego producenta ciężarówek. Silnik 2 cylindrowy, górnozaworowy, chłodzony powietrzem o poj. 590 cm³ i mocy 18 KM (22 KM-SAE), napędza tylne koła za pośrednictwem nietypowej, paskowej przekładni bezstopniowej "Variomatic". Długość całkowita 3.6m, rozstaw osi 2,05m.

You rest whilst driving
The DAF is a family car in the true sense of the word, offering, as it does room for the whole family. The spacious interior, with its durable yet tasteful upholstery, offers comfort to both driver and passengers. The extra-large windows enable all the occupants to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the passing scenery. The comfort of riding in a DAF motor car is heightened by the excellent ventilation and heating arrangements.
The rear seat spans the full width of the interior (1.25 m or 49"). and offerss room for two adults and a child.
In the DAF car, thanks to the automatic transmission and clutch, you drive completely relaxed - therefore safely and comfortably

The VARIOMATIC functions imperceptibly and automatically, without jolting and under all circumstances at the right moment. There is no need for clutching or gear shifting, so that one only has to operate the accelerator and brake pedal, which are fitted in accordance with the natural positionn of the drivers feet.
The automatic transmission functions also as "maxi-grip" differential between the rear wheels; the power is transferred to the independently-sprung rear wheels by means of two cogged V-belts. The simple, yet ingenious and robust mechanism of the Variomatic transmission adapts itself under all circumstances and gives the correct ratio required at all driving speeds and road resistances.