Crossley 1930

15.7 – end of prod.  
20.9 – end of prod.  
Super Six – new model  
Silver – new model  

Great Britain

At the start of the 1930's the car range consisted of the large 20.9 originally introduced in 1925 as the 18/50, and the 2-litre 15.7 from 1928 with its Sports two litre companion.
The 15.7 in 1930 gained a centre gear change and Perrot-Bendix brakes and became known as the Silver. Its four speed gearbox features twin-top gears with a "silent third". Top speed is quoted as 70mph. Available as the £545 saloon de luxe or the sportsman's coupe at £550.



    6 cyl.
1991 cc



Super Six

    6 cyl.
3198 cc


Super Six Fabric Saloon




Entries and results:
  Race: Entered: Raced: Finished: No. Model: Driver: Best results:
26-29.01.1930 Rallye Monte Carlo 2 2 2 38 1991cc Finigan 39th
          105 1991cc Macandrew 51st