Citroën 1978

2 CV
Visa - Paryż


The 2CV4 replaced by modified 2CV Spécial which gets six light body but retains 435cc engine.
The Dyane 6 acquired front disc brakes and the Acadiane light van was launched.
As all other A series models, Mehari gained front disc brakes together with a new grille.
The LNA, was introduced in November. It has the bored out version of the twin cylinder power unit fitted to the Visa. The engine develop 36 bhp from 652cc and has an electronic ignition.
The 1,015cc engine of the GS was replaced with a new unit of 1,129cc giving 56 bhp.
The injected 2400 engine is available in CX Pallas and CX Prestige with the C matic semi automatic transmission as standard in the Pallas and as an option in the Prestige. A new CX 2500 Diesel was also launched this year.
The Visa was launched at the Paris Salon. Like the LN and LNA it is based on the underpinnings from the Peugeot 104. Three models are available: the Spécial and Club, both with the 652cc engine and the Visa Super having the Peugeot 1,1 litre unit.


2 CV


2CV 6










LN and LNA











2000 (1985 cm³, 102 ch)
2400 (2347 cm³, 115 ch)
2400 ie (inj, 2347 cm³, 128 ch)
2200 D (diesel, 2175 cm³, 66 ch) - end of prod.
2500 D (diesel, 2500 cm³, 75 ch) - new model

CX 2000

CX 2500 Diesel

CX Prestige

Citroën CX 2000 £4,966.
One of the world's best-streamlined cars, the Citroen CX (in Europe CX signifies drag factor) cheats the wind, and because of it, is fast and economical. The two-litre 2000 is the smallest-engined of the CX range which includes also 2400 (2.4-litre) models designated Super, Pallas, Prestige, Pallas Injection, and GTi. All 2400 saloons have five-speed gearboxes as standard, and both the GTi and the Pallas Injection are equipped with fuel-injection. In France there is also a CX 2000 five-door 'Break' (estate), but only the 2400 petrol and 2500 diesel versions are available in Britain.
Citroën CX 2500D £6,315.
Besides the CX 2000 and 2400 petrol model, the highly-streamlined French car is also available with Citroen's latest 2.5-litre diesel unit - an engine of miserly fuel consumption, as well as great longevity and liveliness. The manufacturers claim their oil-engined car to be the fastest diesel in production. It has a maximum speed of around 95 mph and will cruise the motorways all day at 90-if the gendarmes aren't about! The diesel-engined saloon is offered in four-speed manual form only. The interior is luxurious, and the all-independent suspension is self-levelling. Front-wheel-driven in the Citroen manner of course.
Citroën CX PRESTIGE £9,254.
Long-wheelbase version of Citroen's CX has super-luxury trim and equipment and is the type that is synonymous with states men, diplomats, business tycoons, and VIPs. With its longer wheelbase, rear legroom is greater than on standard CX models, but it has the 2400 four-cylindei injection engine and five-speed gearbox, although there is also a semi-automatic transmission model. A recent innovation for the CX is centralised door-locking, and some switchgear is now mounted on the interior roof panel, in easy reach of the driver. The shorter-wheelbase Pallas is also equipped with the new 'roof console', but not the centralised locking.

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Visa Super