Citroën 1976

2 CV
Dyane - ost. rok Dyane 4
Ami - ost. rok Super
LN - Paryż


A new addition to the 2CV range is the Spécial based on 2CV4 but with four light body, round headlights and simplified dash board.
Power output on the GS 1,015cc engine was reduced from 55,5 to 55 bhp, on the 1,222cc engine it was reduced from 60 to 59 bhp and the GS X2 lost one horsepower too. A new entry level model was introduced, the G Spécial and at the same time, the Luxe designation was dropped.
The CX 2200 is available with an optional 3 speed semi automatic gearbox (C matic). Pallas trim levels are available on all saloon models. The CX 2200 Diesel the CX 2400 Prestige and were launched. The Prestige feature a lengthened body with a raised roof. Another new addition is the Break estate car with a choice of 2000, 2200 or 2200 Diesel powerplants and two trim levels - Confort and Super.
The LN was launched at the Paris Salon. It has the body shell of the 104 Coupé but the engine is a 32 bhp version of the Citroën 602cc flat twin.


2 CV

2 CV Special
2 CV 4
2 CV 6

2CV 6

2CV Spécial



Dyane 4 - end of prod.
Dyane 6






Ami 8
Ami Super - end of prod.

Ami 8 Berline

Ami 8 Break




South African advert.

GS Break



2000 (1985 cm³, 102 ch)
2200 (2175 cm³, 112 ch) - end of prod.
2400 (2347 cm³, 115 ch) - new model
2200 D (diesel, 2175 cm³, 66 ch) - new model



Berline - Paris