Citroën 1960

2 CV
DS 19
ID 19
DS / ID 19 Decapotable Chapron - premiera


Citroen, whose output of private cars for the first six months of this year was 121,529 (of which 80,782 were the 2CV), introduce a convertible for the DS. and ID. It is a two-door four-seater, designed by the French coachbuilder Chapron, and is almost identical with the one exhibited on the Chapron stand at the last Salon. In appearance it looks like a DS saloon with the roof cut off, which in effect is what it is. The saloon does not rely upon its roof structure for body stiffness, and thus most of the panels and pressing of the saloon are used for the new convertible.
Among detail changes on all the DSs is a new centrifugal regulation for control of the automatic clutch, to give smoother changes and take-off. There is also a new device to alter the rake of the front seat backrests while driving, and a lifting handle has been added to the luggage boot lid. High-tension ignition (as used previously on the ID), with 12 volts supply, is now standardized on the DS.

Do 2 CV można zamówić fabryczne radio "Radioën". Wszystkie wersje mają teraz koła 135x380 z oponami Michelin Pilote.
W listopadzie zaprzestano produkcji silników 375 cm³ a w grudniu zmieniono kształt wlotu powietrza i maski.
Przestarzałą, 6 woltową instalację elektryczną w DS/ID zmieniono na system 12 woltowy. Wycofano z oferty ID 19 Normale ze słabszym, 62 konnym silnikiem. Do współpracy w zakresie wytwarzania kabrioletów poproszono firmę Henri Chaprona, która oferuje takie wersje DS od 1958 roku.
Firma wyprodukowała 316.218 samochodów.
Trautmann & Verrier zwyciężyli Rajd Tulipanów w ID 19.


2 CV

A Berline (375 cc, 9 hp)
AZ Berline (425 cc, 12 hp)
AZL Berline
AZ Sahara 4x4
AZU furgon
AZUL Weekend
AZL / AZ-A berline - premiera

Citroën 2 CV

Citroën 2 CV

Citroën 2 CV Sahara

Wnętrze Citroëna 2 CV wyposażonego w radio.

Citroën AZU


DS and ID 19

DS 19 (1911 cc, 75 hp; wb 3125 mm)
  Prestige avec separation
ID 19 (1911 cc, 66 hp; wb 3125 mm)
DS / ID 19 Decapotable Chapron - new model

ID 19

ID 19

ID 19

ID 19


Citroën DS / ID 19 Decapotable

Citroën ID 19 Break

DS cabriolet at Paris Motor Show.




Entries and results:
Liège-Rome-Liége 30.08-4.09.1960 Entrant: Results:
#         gen. class category
40 ID 19   Verrier / Badoche   7th    
43 ID 19   Trautmann-Vanson/Wagner   8th    
  DS 19   Gentilini / Vanson   12th    
  ID 19   Trautmann / Ogier   dnf    
  ID 19   Coltelloni   dnf