Citroën 1958

2 CV
2 CV AZ 4x4 Sahara - nowy model
DS 19 / ID 19
DS / ID 19 break - premiera w Paryżu.


Zaprezentowany w marcu 2 CV Sahara wyposażony jest w drugi silnik umieszczony z tyłu, napędzający tylne koła. Uzyskano w ten sposób napęd 4x4 umożliwiający poruszanie się w trudnym terenie. Samochód może pokonywać piaszczyste wzniesienia do 40%.
Nowa wersja kombi słynnego "deese" dostępna jest jako 7 miejscowy break, 9 miejscowy Familiale lub Commerciale. W stosunku do bazowego ID, kombi ma wzmocnione nadwozie, silniejsze hamulce przy tylnych kołach.
Firma wyprodukowała 246.305 samochodów.

A little bit bizarre, the double-engined 2CV Sahara was introduced in March. The second engine is located in the boot and runs rear wheels. This four wheel drive vehicle is intended for use in rough terrain and apparently can cope with up to 40% sandy inclines.
In May the polished aluminium strips on the bumpers of the 2CV were replaced by gray rubber ones.
The fabulous DS is now available as an estate: 7-seater Break, 9-seater Familiale and utility Commerciale. It features a stronger body and brakes.

Citroen ID19 Saloon, a revolutionary front-wheel-drive model is produced in its native France from late in 1956 and then also in England from early in 1958. It features a highly advanced hydro-pneumatic suspension system which keep the car at the same height and on an even keel whatever the load, camber or road surface, powered front-wheel disc brakes, a 1.9-litre four-cylinder engine and ultra-streamlined bodywork. The ID19 is a less-expensive version of the luxurious DS19, which had been introduced in France at the end of 1955.


A Berline (375 cc, 9 hp)
AZ Berline (425 cc, 12 hp)
Berline (425 cc, 12 hp)
AZU Furgon (425 cc, 12 hp)
AZUL Furgon (425 cc, 12 hp)
AZ 4x4 Sahara (2x 425 cc, 24 hp) - new model

Citroën 2 CV

Citroën 2 CV AZ Berline

Citroën 2 CV AZC Commerciale

Citroën 2 CV AZL Berline

Citroën 2 CV AZUL Weekend

Citroën 2 CV AZU

Citroën 2 CV Sahara

Citroën 2 CV Sahara

DS and ID 19

DS 19 berline (1911 cc, 75 hp; wb 3125 mm)
ID 19 berline (1911 cc, 62/66 hp; wb 3125 mm)
DS 19 break (1911 cc, 75 hp; wb 3125 mm) - Paris
ID 19 break (1911 cc, 62/66 hp; wb 3125 mm) - Paris

Citroën DS 19

Citroën DS 19

Citroën ID 19

Citroën DS 19 break


2 CV AZU furgon
HY furgon


Citroen HY