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Chevrolet 1931


AE Independence (6 cyl, ohv, 193.9, 50 hp; wb: 109 in.)
  Sport Roadster
  Convertible Sport Cabriolet
  Coupe 5 Window
  Convertible Sedan
  Sport Coupe


Roadster, $475;
Sports Roadster (with rumble seat), $495;
Phaeton, $510;
Standard Coupé, $535;
Standard Five-Window Coupé, $545;
Sport Coupé (with rumble seat), $575;
Five-Passenger Coupé, $595;
Convertible Cabriolet, $615;
Standard Sedan, $635;
Special Sedan, $650;
Convertible Landau Phaeton, $650. Special equipment extra.
Chevrolet truck chassis, $355 to $590.

Dodatkowe wyposażenie oferowane do modeli '31: tylny bagażnik, szperacz, ochraniacz koła zapasowego, specjalne zderzaki i zegary.
Powstało 627000 szt.

Mechanically, the 1931 Chevrolets are not much different from the 1930 models but wheel base is 2 in. longer (109 in.) and most of the bodywork is restyled. There are 14 models using this chassis and in addition a Sedan Delivery (van) and three commercial chassis options. The straight black-enamel headlamp tiebar is replaced by a curved chrome-plated one and there are more louvres in the hood (bonnet).

Six new sport models styled in the modern manner
  The vogue for using the Chevrolet Six as a personal car is particularly noticeable in those sections where standards of living are above the average. At the country club-the fashionable resort-or in the quiet atmosphere of fine homes -Chevrolet is unusually well represented.... Six very logical reasons for this are presented at the right: Chevrolet's new sport models, styled in the modern manner. A certain casual air of quality has been captured in the lines of these cars - a nice balance of smartness and simplicity, which good taste always approves. The low streamline treatment has been carried out cleanly and effectively. The rich color-tones are enlivened with the sparkle of chrome plate, with the flash of de luxe wire wheels. Interiors, too, not only make allowance for the comfort and convenience of driver and all passengers, but reveal many novel and interesting smart-effects. ... Like all 14 other Chevrolet body-types, these sport models are available in a wide choice of color harmonies, to suit the individual fancy. Each, being a Six, gives the multi-cylinder performance to which two- and three-car owners are accustomed. Each is a car that fits very naturally into the environment of those who live well.
Chevrolet prices range from $475 to $650, f. o. b. Flint, Mich. Special equipment extra. Product of General Motors. Chevrolet Motor Co., Detroit.
  NEW Chevrolet Six

In the Bigger and Better Chevrolet Six, Body Fisher means finer quality and more distinctive beauty than ever before in Chevrolet history! Fisher artistry and craftsmanship have taken fall advantage of a longer wheelbase to achieve a degree of smartness, 1,,,,.,y -I comfort usually found only in care of much higher price. Chevrolet's new Bodies by Fisher are long and low, with fleet lines and graceful contours. And inside, they are even more impressive. Spacious interiors are beautifully appointed and smartly upholstered m mohair or broadcloth. Seats are wider and more luxuriously cushioned. Windows and windshield provide better vision. The Bigger and Better Chevrolet Six has also been improved in every vital mechanical feature. There are many important engine refinement.. ...There is a stronger frame; a more, durable clutch; an easier operating steering mechanism; a quiet,,, smoother, transmission. See and drive the new Chevrolet Six - and you will know why everywhere it is being called the Great American Value.

Name all the qualities of a motor car that go to make an owner satisfied – and you name the very things that make Chevrolet the great American value. Beauty, comfort, safety, performance, dependability, economy – every dollar you put into Chevrolet repays you with a big dollar's worth, of all these qualities. Money spent on a Chevrolet Six is money invested in real motor car satisfaction. Chevrolet beauty is the smart modern beauty that comes from rakish lines, sparkling colors and handsome Fisher coachwork. Chevrolet safety is the thorough-going safety assured by composite steel-and-wood body construction, and a rear mounted gasoline tank. Unusual riding comfort is secured by a long 109-inch wheelbase, spacious bodies, long springs and a six-cylinder engine that is free from rough, nerve-racking vibration. This engine is also the source of Chevrolet's famous performance. A smooth, dependable, 50-horsepower Six – it gives 25 per cent more power than any other car of equally low price. These advantages are recommendation enough for any careful buyer. But when you think how little it costs to have them, the reason for Chevrolet's wide popularity becomes all the more apparent Chevrolet prices run as low as $475, f. o. b. Flint. And no other car costs so little to operate and maintain!

DeLuxe Five-Passenger Coupé

Even if your chief concern is the cost of transportation your car should be the new Chevrolet Six. Due to its low first-cost, its high gasoline mileage, and its long life and freedom from repairs – the new Chevrolet will serve you just as ecomically as any car you can boy. But when you think what you get in the Chevrolet Six in addition to economy, its right to the first consideration of every buyer of a low-priced car becomes even more apparent. For every feature of the new Chevrolet carries evidence of unusual quality. The chassis has been improved, refined and strengthened in every important unit. The Fisher Bodies are more handsomely styled and appointed – and more sturdily constructed. ln fact, from every standpoint, the new Chevrolet is a quality automobile. And you can buy it, certain in the knowledge that its over-all economy is unsurpassed.

Coupé DeLuxe

Five-Passenger Coupé

Special Sedan


Convertible Cabriolet

Special Sedan

Deluxe Roadster

Sedan Delivery

Sedan Delivery


Half-Ton Panel Truck


Closed Cab Pick-Up

Half-Ton Canopy Express Truck