Classic Car Catalogue

Chevrolet 1930

AD Universal (6 cyl, ohv, 193.9, 50 hp; wb: 107 in.)
 Sport Roadster
 Rumble Seat Coupe
 Sport Coupe
 Club Sedan


Roadster $495
Phaeton $495
Sport Roadster $555
Coach $565
Coupé $565
Sport Coupé $655
Club Sedan $665
Sedan $675
Special Sedan $725 (6 wire wheels standard)
Sedan Delivery $595
Light Delivery Chassis $365
1½ Ton Chassis $520
1½ Ton Chassis with Cab. $625
Roadster Delivery $440 (Pick-up box extra)
Prices f. o. b. factory, Flint, Mich. Bumpers and spare tire extra.

'Stovebolt Six' engine had replaced four cylinder for 1929 model year. Body by Fisher.

Powstalo 1155000 szt.

Those who seek the utmost in motoring satisfaction at a price so low as to be within the reach of all, are invited to inspect the new Chevrolet Six.
For, again, Chevrolet has used the savings made possible by its great volume production to build a smoother, faster, better Six – a Six that is, by every standard of comparison, the Greatest Chevrolet in Chevrolet History.
Not only does this new car retain all those basic qualities which have won for Chevrolet such great success in the past – but, in addition, it offers scores of improvements which vitally affect performance, comfort, safety and endurance.
Lighter, stronger pistons, with bronze bushings; fully-enclosed, internal expanding brakes; Lovejoy hydraulic shock absorbers, both front and rear; sturdier transmission; heavier rear axle – these are typical of the engineering advancements found throughout the entire design of the car.
But no listing of features can give you any idea of the extra quality and value provided in the new Chevrolet. You must see and drive this finer Six to learn how much more it gives for your money. Visit your Chevrolet dealer today!

Chevrolet Universal AD Coach

Sport Roadster

Chevrolet Universal AD Sedan

The seating arrangement of the Chevrolet Six really invites relaxation. Cushions are broad, deep and scientifically formed and the seat backs are so pitched as to conform to the natural posture.