Classic Car Catalogue

Cadillac 1933


355-C (V8 cyl, L-head, 353, 115 hp; wb: 140 in.)
370-C (V12 cyl, ohv, 368, 135 hp; wb: 140 in.)
452-C (V16 cyl, ohv, 452, 165 hp; wb: 149 in.)

Today a brilliant new chapter is being written into the records of Cadillac's accomplishments-for today Cadillac is displaying four superb new motor cars. Where is the new Cadillac V-16, strictly limited in production to 400 cars, custom-built to individual order. There are the new Cadillac V-8 's and V-12's, more splendidly beautiful, more completely smooth and silent than they have ever been. Then there is the new La Salle V-8, strikingly modern in styling, thrillingly swift and powerful in action, motordom's youthful aristocrat. Each is a signal achievement in advanced engineering- each features eminently distinctive new coachcraft with Fisher's latest development, No-Draft Ventilation.

Cadillac Fleetwood V-16 Town Cabriolet

355-C Series Coupe
355-C Series Roadster
355-C Series Convertible Coupe
355-C Series Sedan
355-C Series Sedan
355-C Series Imperial Sedan
355-C Series Town Sedan
355-C Series Coupe
355-C Series Phaeton
355-C Series All Weather Phaeton
355-C Series Sedan
355-C Series Sedan
355-C Series Limousine
355-C Series Town Cabriolet
355-C Series Town Cabriolet
355-C Series Limousine Brougham
370-C Series Coupe
370-C Series Roadster
370-C Series Convertible Coupe
370-C Series Sedan
370-C Series Sedan
370-C Series Imperial
370-C Series Town Sedan
370-C Series Coupe
370-C Series Phaeton
370-C Series All Weather Phaeton
370-C Series Sedan
370-C Series Sedan
370-C Series Limousine
370-C Series Town Cabriolet
370-C Series Town Cabriolet
370-C Series Limousine Brougham
452-C Model 5564B Town Brougham
452-C Model 5550 Town Cabriolet
452-C Model 5592 Limousine Brougham
452-C Model 5520 Town Cabriolet
452-C Model 5524 Town Cabriolet
452-C Model 5526 Town Cabriolet
452-C Model 5512 Town Cabriolet
452-C Model 5513 Town Cabriolet
452-C Model 5566 Limousine
452-C Model 5565 Limousine
452-C Model 5521 Town Cabriolet
452-C Model 5564 Town Cabriolet
452-C Model 5591 Limousine Brougham
452-C Model 5590 Limousine Brougham
452-C Model 5514 Town Cabriolet
452-C Model 5525 Town Cabriolet
452-C Model 5575 Limousine
452-C Model 5573 Limousine
452-C Model 5574 Imperial Cabriolet
452-C Model 5531 Imperial
452-C Model 5555C Imperial Cabriolet
452-C Model 5530FL Imperial Cabriolet
452-C Model 5563 Sport Imperial
452-C Model 5533 Town Imperial
452-C Model 5530S Sedan
452-C Model 5532 Imperial
452-C Model 5540 Imperial Cabriolet
452-C Model 5575FL Imperial Cabriolet
452-C Model 5545 Imperial Cabriolet
452-C Model 5555 Imperial Cabriolet
452-C Model 5576 Coupe
452-C Model 5577 Sport Coupe
452-C Model 5535 Convertible Coupe
452-C Model 5536 Sport Convertible Coupe
452-C Model 5557 Touring Coupe
452-C Model 5579 All Weather Phaeton
452-C Model 5502 Roadster
452-C Model 5560 Sport Phaeton
452-C Model 5581 Town Coupe
452-C Model 5561 Close Coupled Imperial
452-C Model 5586 Convertible Coupe
452-C Model 5585 Convertible Coupe
452-C Model 5580 Convertible Phaeton
452-C Model 5578 All Weather Sport Phaeton
452-C Model 5559 Sport Phaeton
452-C Model 5558 Phaeton
452-C Model 5508 Convertible Coupe
452-C Model 5509 Coupe
452-C Model 16-168 Convertible Coupe
452-C Model 16-272 Coupe

V-shaped radiator grille.

Na Chicago World's Fair Cadillac wystawił piękny prototyp V-16 Fastback Coupé. Pierwszy raz bagażnik stanowi jedną całość z nadwoziem a koło zapasowe ukryto wewnątrz.
V8 - 2096 egz.
V12 - 952 egz.
V16 - 125 egz.


Cadillac V-16 Convertible Coupé


Cadillac V-16 All Weather Phaeton


Cadillac V-12 Convertible Coupé

Cadillac V-12 Five-Passenger Sedan


Cadillac V-12 Convertible Sedan

Cadillac V-12 All-Weather Phaeton

Cadillac V-12 Coupé-Spider (series 370 C)

Cadillac Series 355C V8 Limousine features no-draft ventilation. Wheelbase is 140 in. and prices starts at $2895.


V-8 Town Sedan


Cadillac V-16 Aerodynamic Coupé - prototype

Cadillac V-16 Aerodynamic Coupé


Cadillac V-16 Aerodynamic Coupé